Ready Made Pools Are Set For Indian Take Away

With no plumbing or plant room required in some models, a prefabricated pool is being seen as an ideal option for India’s commercial and residential markets, particularly where space is limited.

One-piece pools are becoming increasingly popular across India, in both commercial and residential projects. With hotels, townships, and private homes sprouting up across the subcontinent, coupled with the rise of India’s middle class; the market potential for ready-made pools is set to soar. Ready-made pools are not only cheaper than traditional pools but require significantly less time to install. With no plumbing or plant room required in some models, a prefabricated pool is an ideal option, particularly where space is limited. Tapping into the popularity of this growing market are several international companies, who are partnering with Indian pool builders and distributors. Mumbai’s Atlantis Pool Solutions recently signed up with Australia’s Stern’s Playland to import their one-piece pools into India. They say they can barely keep up with demand. The ready made pool market is already projected as a fast growing segment in the pool industry,” Anvay Kolwankar, Managing Director of Atlantis Pool, says. “They are a top choice amongst consumers. They can look high end with sophisticated equipment and features. These pools are lot cheaper than other in-ground designs and are installed within seven days,” shares Kolwankar. Not only price but quality is important and imported goods are preferred and valued amongst Indian consumers. As pool components such as the vinyl liners, nuts and bolts, steel channels, posts and the like, are manufactured abroad, these prefabricated pools are seen as quality, imported products. “Many of my clients like the fact that they have an ‘Australian’ pool,” reveals Dev Kumar of Ocean Pools, New Delhi. “They know they are getting a quality product, not to mention they can brag about having an imported pool to their friends and neighbours.”

Christopher Castillo
WAVES Magazine India