Red Sea Wonder

Soon to be proclaimed by the Guinness World Records as the largest man-made swimming pool in the world, the process of filling the 120,000 m² Crystal Lagoon at the Citystars, Sharm El Sheikh, began at the end of October and took 21 days to complete. The new resort takes the world’s biggest swimming pool title from current holders, San Alfonso del Mar resort in Chile, a gargantuan blue man-made ‘lake’ spanning the length of 20 Olympic-size swimming pools and filled with 66 million gallons of water. The Egyptian Crystal Lagoon provides the record-breaking centre-piece to the first phase of the Citystars Sharm El Sheikh resort. Palm trees line 22km of white sandy beaches fringing the 30acre body of water where boats and windsurfers sail around the central La Voile Rouge Island. Nestled in the elevated desert mountains of Nabq, 60 m above sea level, Citystars Sharm El Sheikh is an exclusive 7.5 million m2 luxury gated mixed-use community offering unrivalled lifestyle that caters to all residential recreational, cultural, commercial and social needs of the city’s residents and visitors. The venue features the true desert harmony with spectacular views of the Red Sea while being immersed in the worldclass amenities that city living has to offer- including luxury waterfront apartments, villas and five star hotels. Other resort highlights include an 18-hole signature golf course, a tennis academy, sophisticated cafes, nightclubs, restaurants and cinemas. Hazem Ashry, vice chairman and managing director of Golden Coast, the developer of Citystars Sharm El Sheikh commented: “Taking the tourism industry in Egypt to entirely new horizons, this groundbreaking achievement will reshape the real estate scene in Egypt as well as the whole region, with the primary aim of pushing forward the economic wheel in Egypt as well as contribute to reviving tourism and attracting back tourists to Sharm El-Sheikh. “Using The Crystal Lagoons technologies, the qualities of water are continually monitored by sensors,” explained Mr Ashry. Thanks to the exclusive patented Crystal Lagoons technology, the amount of chemicals needed is 100 times less than what is traditionally required in any normal swimming pool, making this unique technology extremely environmentally-friendly.

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