Russia Invests In 500 State-Funded University Swimming Pools

The Russian pool sector shows sustained stability but with a lack of home-grown product, the market relies on imported goods.

The Russian swimming pool market, in contrast to Spain and France, shows sustained stability despite the difficult financial situation in the world. Despite having emerged over more than two decades, the Russian market has a distinct lack of home-produced goods, about 12 original manufacturers, which is totally out of proportion with the size of the sector, let alone the country. The result has meant a heavy reliance on imports and inevitably higher product costs. The second feature of the Russian pool and spa sector is the variable weather and the extremes of climate. A positive from this is the growth in ready-made pools market that is able to instantly respond to good spells of weather. Despite the urban myth surrounding Russian wealth, stainless steel swimming pools in the residential sector are still not popular due to the higher cost. However, on the commercial front, Russia is currently implementing a programme of swimming pool construction for 500 universities. The programme is financed by the ruling party and about 50 sites are operational so far. All are high tech, modern facilities, stainless steel, quality construction with European standards of water treatment while effective environmental control allows for more expensive finishing materials. The Banbas, the Russian professional pool and spa magazine, has been reporting on and undertaking surveys on swimming pool construction, from all regions of Russian for more than ten years. The magazine publisher has opened a new portal which provides a valuable information and research resource for both the trade and end users.

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