Spanish Pull Together To Combat Economic Crisis

Spanish pool and spa companies are pooling resources to try and combat the deep economic crisis gripping the country.


Plunged into a deep economic crisis, Spanish pool and spa companies are focusing on refurbishment and exports as a way to stem the fall of sales in the home market. Biding their time and hoping to emerge stronger from the current situation, the Spanish pool and spa market investing heavily in research, development and innovation. New business models are being shaped on sustainability and investment in employment and particularly improving worker training. The areas of swimming pools and wellness areas are traditionally major consumers of energy and water resources. Therefore, energy efficiency as well as safety are two very sensitive aspects for firms when presenting their new products. These measures not only benefit the environment but also to the economy, as new, more advanced equipment both minimises costs and promotes energy and water savings. Held this spring, during its annual convention, FAPS The Spanish Association of Industrial and Technical Swimming Pools and Sports Facilities, formed by the two major national industry associations of the pool, ASOFAP and ATEP, organised workshops to explore the challenges the industry has to face. In a new style of meeting, the first ever Summit Sector Pool brought equipment and component manufacturers, installers and builders came together to discuss common issues. Some 70 professionals, representing more than 50 companies, took the opportunity to develop a roadmap in order to help build a strong and solid future market, formed by competitive, efficient and innovative companies.

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