Zeoclere Adds Finland Flag To Global Map

Already a popular choice for its problem-solving capabilities in the commercial pool sector, Zeoclere 30, the alternative pool and spa filter media to standard sand, is gaining an ever-increasing following in residential pools and not just in the UK. Zeoclere’s parent distributor company, Mineral Supplies International, recently added Finland to its global distribution network and pool owners are already reaping the rewards. In fact, the Finnish owner of one outdoor residential pool was so astounded by the transformation of his pool water, after he had converted his pool filter from sand to Zeoclere 30, he was motivated to write to MSi and say thank you.

Crystal Clear

Koskinen Pertti had been struggling for several seasons to keep on top of the water balance in their pools “My sincerest thanks to you because now I have switched to Zeoclere the water is now crystal clear after just a few days of action,” he wrote to MSi. Residential pools are becoming more and more common in Finland where energy-efficiency and chlorine-use reduction are both important factors in the residential pool management. Zeoclere helps on both counts by reducing the need for back-washing and the amount of chlorine required. Zeoclere 30 is MSi’s own branded product that entered the market back in 1992. Zeoclere’s continuing success enabled MSi to offer ownlabelling and there are now 14 own label Zeocleres available throughout the world. “Buoyed with the annual gathering successes, we are continually looking to increase the global tonnage of Zeoclere 30,” said MSi‘s Amanda Slade “MSi can offer appropriate partners, their own packaging, and the comfort knowing Zeoclere 30 comes with the back-up of 20 years of technical research, development and support.” Ideal for synchronised swimming and pools that use underwater cameras, Zeoclere 30 is also ideal for commercial spas and heavily-used hydrotherapy pools. Zeoclere 30 is the only filter media (including glass, sand and D.E.) on the global market to have, over the years, achieved these levels of approvals and certification listed below:

  • DWI Chemical Committee Approval.
  • NSF 61 certification for drinking water.
  • NSF 50 certification for use in pools and spas.
  • NSF 50-ii certification tests carried out for turbidity. • GSA approval for use in US Military Bases world wide.
  • Israeli Government approval for use in public pools.
Before using Zeoclere 30
After using Zeoclere 30

Independent Testing


Proved through independent testing to offer water clarity 60% better than accepted sand standards, Zeoclere has a proven pedigree plus passing more approvals than any other filter medium on the global market. There are some 50 zeolites across the world but some are really not correct for pressure filters and some should not be considered for health reasons, as Bob Kent warns: “Unfortunately some unproven materials have been sold by unscrupulous mines hoping their zeolite was correct for this industry,” Bob explains. “There are still some out there, with no approvals, no longevity and no history who give this method of filtration a bad name.”

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