A Clean Sweep

A Cean Sweep

LTP’s ECOPROTEC® range includes a variety of treatments for safe and effective maintenance of outdoor surfaces, from terrace to swimming pool surround. Spanning heavy-duty cleaners and sealers, to removers and restoration treatments, the Britishmade range offers a safe solution for all surface types and all products are available from UK stock. To remove dirt and slippery residues from stone and porcelain, best-selling options include ECOPROTEC® External Paving Cleaner. For safe removal of stains, the range includes new LTP’s ECOPROTEC® Cement, Grout & Salt Residue Remover and ECOPROTEC® Rust Remover, which both have a non-caustic formulation. New to the range, ECOPROTEC® Blackstone Sealer & Restorer restores the appearance of faded dark pavers and provides protection against the elements.
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