Cover Lifter Solutions

Cover Lifter SolutionsMost hot tubs are installed with some sort of mechanism to help remove and store the cover. A lot of companies have their own preference on the sort of lifter they use but quite often the customer has a requirement where a different lifter is needed. For this reason Aqua Spa Supplies offer 11 different versions of cover lifters or brackets for all shapes, sizes and manufacturers of hot tubs. Whether you need a hydraulic version, one that puts no screws into the cabinet or even one that does obstruct a view, Aqua Spa Supplies has a lifter for you. From our own branded Aqua Lift series to Cover Valet & Cover Caddy, all lifters are in stock and ready for next day deliver. There is no minimum order with Aqua Spa Supplies, so if you only require one lifter, order one lifter. There is also special pricing on bulk orders.

Aqua Spa Supplies
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