A Forest Of Small Ideas To Make A Big Difference

Aspects Pools launched its grand Trees 4 CO2 in the Spring, promising to plant one tree for every product purchased on its leading online swimming pool equipment store. “It’s hard as a company to make a positive difference to the environment; where do you start,” said Daniel Johnson, Sales Manager. Faced with a myriad of pie in the sky ideas, Aspects Pools decided it is best to start small. Daniel says: “Mighty oaks grow from small acorns they say. It was this that inspired us to begin the Trees 4 CO2 campaign.” For every one of the selected products purchased in the webshop Aspects Pools will plant a tree in Devon, with the aim of reducing CO2 levels over the product’s lifetime. An image of each tree will be posted, on behalf of the purchaser, via the company’s social media channels in Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest & Google+.

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