Against all odds_1An haute couture cover installation by OASE and Tanby Pools…

Never giving up on the challenging geometric angled ends of this Tanby Pools project made the installation of an automatic slatted cover possible, against all the odds. After many designs, much testing and several prototypes, the forward thinking of OASE and the pure determination of Tanby, achieved the impossible.

In fact, the OASE cover had to be designed like on ‘haute couture’ bespoke garment. A template made from PVC, rather than the more expensive final choice of blue solar polycarbonate, was used to test whether the cover would work on the unconventional pool shape.

The landscape, with the high level, rusted water feature leading down to a small stream and onto the decorative chain into the pool was difficult for the pool cover. A small cut-out area has been allowed in the cover for the water feature that can be run independently or with the pool cover. If the geometry was not enough, the River Thames posed a huge challenge with the water table only 1m below the ground level. With the aid of six constantly running pumps, throughout the dig and the construction of the pool shell, Tanby were able to de- water the excavation.

The pool shell has been constructed on piles to make it structurally sound. Oh, and did we mention, the only access to the property located on an island in the River Thames, was via a small bridge with a maximum load restriction of 15 tonne!

Despite the challenges, the 15m long pool with a 2.2m deep end was an ideal design for family fun and exercise. Innovation, research and development are key to stretching the boundaries on this project which is just what the Tanby Pools team have achieved. Four large colour-changing led lights, supplied by Astral, add to the drama.

The sharp irregular angles and contemporary colours are in perfect harmony with the modern designer home. The eye travels from the house, across the pool, and beyond and the passing river traffic.

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