Aqua Platinum Excel In Energy Efficiency

Aqua Platinum scooped the UK Pool & Spa Award for energy efficiency award opting for a Polypool installation at a carbon neutral family home in London.

Following their success at this year’s UK Pool & Spa Awards, Aqua Platinum Projects are pushing ahead with plans to firmly reestablish the Polypool brand in the UK pool market.

Polypool insulated panels have been successfully installed in UK pools for over 15 years but due to the two main directors both retiring and the economic climate, the business recently went into liquidation. In response, Ryan Fronda managing director of independent swimming pool contracting company, Aqua Platinum Projects, stepped in to secure the future of the product, the brand and its manufacturing capability.

Ryan comments: “Since January, we have streamlined Aqua Platinum Projects resulting in a new management structure. This has allowed us to review the trade pricing structure and we are now able to offer very competitive prices directly to the trade with good margins for installers.”

In view of the already well publicised Part L Building Regulations relating to insulation in indoor pools in the UK, Aqua Platinum Projects have secured many prestigious and profitable contracts and the Polypool insulated panel technology is at the heart of many of these high profile schemes.

One of the company’s most successful installations was at a carbon neutral family home in London, which won them the energy efficiency title in February’s UK Pool & Spa Awards. The Polypool system was specified by the energy conscious client, as he felt it fitted with his ‘green’ company ethos.

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