Automated water treatment already enjoys world domination when it comes to swimming pools…

GUNCAST ARE THE CURRENT HOLDERS OF UK POOL & SPA AWARDS’ Best Residential Outdoor Pool of the Year (over£150K) with a project including Triogen as its preferred choice for water treatment.

On trend and currently making global news, Artificial Intelligence leverages computers and machines to mimic the problem-solving and decision-making capabilities of the human mind. Hardly big news for the water leisure industry where AI has been in place for many years in the form of automated control technology.

Tried, tested and proven, automatic dosing has largely eliminated the potential for mistakes when it comes to swimming pool water treatment. BIO-UV Group has been a key global player in the water treatment market for more than 30 years. With the acquisition of UK-based Triogen and French-based Corelec/Akeron companies, BIO-UV Group offers a full range of “Made in Europe” solutions with multiple and complementary technologies to meet its customer’s needs.

Now available through Astral Pool UK, the BIO-UV technology portfolio includes UV, Ozone, AOP, or Salt Electrolysis. With a much-envied client list, BIO- UV Group, and its subsidiary Triogen, proudly serve hospitality groups in the UK with 5-star luxury hotels located in London including Claridge’s, One Kensington Gardens, The Berkeley, and The Connaught to name a few.

Two of BIO-UV’s longstanding pool contractor partners were awarded at the last UK Pool and Spa Awards ceremony. Guncast won the Best Residential Outdoor Pool of the Year (over£150K) and Aqua Platinum won the “Best Luxury Pool Project of the Year” with installations including Bio-Uv UV and Ozone water disinfection units.

Quite recently, Astral Pool UK approached BIO-UV with a commercial pool project where timing was crucial, and they were able to deliver in a very short period with a UV ‘made in Britain’ quality. Adding to their attraction, BIO-UV Group’s solutions are using sustainable technologies and the group is committed to protecting the environment while optimising the water resources.

BIO-UV Group supports a network of partners and distributors from the design process down to the installation, spare parts supply, and maintenance process. A team of over 15 R&D staff provides the design of the product or its adaptation and a fully-trained sales team provides access to commercial and technical training programmes.

BAYROL DOSING SYSTEMS offer unrivalled solutions when it comes to automatic water treatment.

Long-term industry favourites, Lighthouse believes it has found a viable water treatment winner with a new player to the UK market, Pool Technologie. The company develops, designs and manufactures automatic water treatment equipment in Valergues, near Montpellier, this SME has been an expert in salt-water swimming pools for over 30 years, the company has distinguished itself on the market by offering a complete range of automatic water treatment equipment.

As a specialist in salt electrolysis water treatment, it offers reliable and high-performance products that are at the cutting edge of technology, eco-friendly and sustainable. The complete range starts with an entry level simple and effective device, to the most developed and sophisticated on the market. The more sophisticated the device, the more adaptable it is to the installation and to your customers’ requirements.

Several parameters are taken into account, in order to choose the right device, including, pool volume, salt rate, pool use, pool environment and the water treatment choice. Lighthouse can now offer the best device with standard salt at 4 g/l a low salt 2 g/l and Ultra low salt system available down to 0.5/l, there is a system to suit everyone.

TAKING CONTROL OF SWIMMING POOL water treatment can be undertaken remotely – even in a pool

There are three ranges of equipment, from the entry level ‘Mini’ system, which has basic functionality to make life easy for the customer including Ph and chlorine peristaltic dosing, UV and salt chlorination. Adjusted simply with an increase or decrease, push button control allowing easy adjustment of the dosing volumes.

Secondly the ‘Just’ branded range. This increases the options available to the end user and allows Redox mV control of chlorine and pH monitoring. The probes are simply located into the pipework via saddle clamps or the neat clear probe cell. Finally the premium branded ‘PoolSquad’ adding that special high end look to the range.

With a colourful screen and each metric detailed from water temperature to salt content and then ph Values along with the option of Ampermetric or Redox chlorine values. The sysems are all driven from a control box with the same dimensions and the Mini and Just sytems in white then the PoolSquad in Black.

LIGHTHOUSE BELIEVES IT HAS FOUND a viable water treatment winner with a new player to the UK market, Pool Technologie.

Bayrol dosing systems are unrivalled solutions when it comes to automatic water treatment. Available from Golden Coast, the comprehensive range caters to pools up to 250m3. Kristy Carlisle, Operations Manager at Golden Coast explains: “Bayrol has a host of systems that can transform pool maintenance. PoolManager® Pro effortlessly maintains water quality through continuous measurement, control, and dosing of pH and disinfectants.

It employs cutting-edge measuring techniques to gauge the free and active chlorine levels in the pool, displaying the results in mg/l. The accuracy of water parameter analysis and product dosage is guaranteed by top-quality components and constant updates to the built-in algorithm.”

The remarkable PoolRelax® system automatically regulates pH and disinfectants, utilising chlorine, active oxygen, or bromine. By accurately dosing the required amount of water care agent as needed, PoolRelax® ensures safe and effective water treatment. The Bayrol range also encompasses cutting-edge automatic systems such as the Analyt and Compact Controller.

AVAILABLE THROUGH GOLDEN COAST, the Bayrol water treatmemt range encompasses cutting-edge automatic systems such as the Analyt and Compact Controller.

These systems excel in measuring chlorine and pH levels in commercial pools, offering a wide array of functionalities accessible through an intuitive five-inch display and user-friendly touchscreen controls. With these systems, pool operators can effortlessly monitor and adjust water parameters for optimal pool conditions. Golden Coast’s commitment to excellence extends to water treatment systems that enhance filtration and reduce energy consumption.

A notable offering is Dryden Aqua’s DAISY+® system, which introduces a ground-breaking approach to disinfection. By utilising Activated Filter Media (AFM), a self-sterilising substitute for filter sand, DAISY+® dramatically reduces the need for disinfectants.

Composed of processed glass, AFM expands its surface area by 300 percent. The unique three-stage treatment of the AFM media prevents bacterial growth in the media bed and the short, fast backwash reduces water, chemical and energy consumption.

LIGHTHOUSE HAS FOUND A VIABLE WATER TREATMENT winner with a new player to the UK market, Pool Technologie.

“Golden Coast is dedicated to providing customer guidance at every stage, from enquiry, to purchase, through to after-sales support,” adds Kristy Carlisle. “Our team of product experts and technical engineers are on hand to advise owners and users on how to get the most from their product for maximum service life and performance.”

Golden Coast regularly holds training days for a variety of product brands to support the trade in effective product installation, operation and maintenance. Bayrol automatic treatment systems and Dryden Daisy AFM have been used in domestic and commercial pools around the UK.

Automatic water treatment keeps the pool in optimum condition to minimise downtime and faults, allowing pool managers to spend less time on maintenance and manual checks, but with peace of mind that the pool is being taken care of.

It also makes for safer operations as there is less need to handle chemicals. Enhancing dosing and filtration with automatic treatment allows pool owners to save energy and reduce pool running costs due to more efficient chemical and water usage.

CENTURIO POOL IS AN INNOVATIVE and all-encompassing multiparameter swimming pool and spa controller.

Championed by Certikin, Centurio Pool is an innovative and all-encompassing multiparameter swimming pool and spa controller. Manufactured by EMEC, the Centurio Pool can simultaneously manage up to ten channels to read multiple parameters such as pH, free chlorine, total chlorine, a derived combined chlorine reading, conductivity and ORP. Traditionally, operators concentrate on monitoring and manually testing their free chlorine and pH levels.

However, engaging with other areas of water quality could have a positive impact on energy and water savings. With a Centurio Pool you can have a conductivity probe where Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) can be continually monitored and displayed alongside free chlorine and pH.

Centurio Pool can be connected to the internet via Wi-Fi, GSM or ethernet and remotely controlled via ERMES, the online control system designed by EMEC that records data, logs and graphs which could be invaluable with spotting trends and patterns. ERMES can be logged into remotely via any web enabled device.

AQUA PLATINUM PROJECTS are the current holders of UK Pool & Spa Awards’ Luxury Pool Of The Year with Triogen as its preferred choice for water treatment.

All chemical controller parameters can be viewed in real time while Centurio Pool can be programmed to text (SMS) or email pre-set users a list of parameters on request in the event of an alarm being triggered such as low level in the chemical tank or an out-of-range value. Multiple installations on the same site can be linked through the same account.

Aside from the initial hardware, ERMES is free to use with no subscription fees. Where appropriate, site surveys can be arranged to determine the best solution for a particular site, this can be particularly useful when sites utilise variable speed drives and it is important to ensure that the way in which these are operated is understood in order that they can be successfully integrated with the dosing system.

These services can take the worry away from trade suppliers and leave them safe in the knowledge that the system is being specified, installed, handed over and maintained in the most professional manner. With a vast array of high-quality automated control monitoring and dosing on the market, AI has earned its place in swimming pool water treatment. But, there is little to fear in terms of world domination, as however advanced, all systems still require and an essential dose of humans to oversee those optimum performance levels.


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