Award-Winning Swimming Design Is Fit For Purpose

This award-winning pool was constructed by the team from David Hallam Swimming Pools who provided the specialist water leisure knowledge on a special educational needs school building project in Rutland by main contractor, Willmott Dixon. The pool is 10m x 5m x1m and has a turnover of approximately half an hour. Equipment includes chemical control via a Siemens Ezetrol plus controller with a Willand ATG Unit. Pool hall heating and ventilation is courtesy of a special roof-mounted Heatstar Phoenix unit with the primary hot water being fed from a heat pumps and solar, four Lacron 42” filters, two 100% duty 1500 rpm Astral Pumps with an Inducon pool cover. “We always pay particular attention to the turn-over rate on a hydrotherapy pool and try to keep this less than 45 minutes wherever possible,” comments Steve Hallam of the Yorkshire-based swimming team. “This type of pool tends to be very heavily used throughout the day by the schools then rented out in the evenings for swimming lessons to generate additional revenue so it is paramount that the water quality doesn’t suffer. “The other critical design element is the heating and ventilation system in the pool hall, therapy pools by nature are run at a higher temperature than a standard swimming pool, with the pool cover being off for a significant length of time. “If the system is not designed correctly for the pool hall environment it can get very uncomfortable for the staff to work in and the fabric of the building can deteriorate very quickly. We always find Heatstar’s technical knowledge and products invaluable when comes to designing this element of the project.”


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