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Clear Water Revival works with a network of certified landscape gardeners and pool builders to deliver natural pool projects across the country.
Clear Water Revival works with a network of certified landscape gardeners and pool builders to deliver natural pool projects across the country.

Natural pools such as those designed by Clear Water Revival are a chemical-free, relatively low-tech and affordable way to create an eco-friendly outdoor pool.

Established by friends David Nettleton and Andrew Cox in 2006, Clear Water Revival (CWR) is one of the only natural swimming pool companies that specialises in formal swimming pool design usually associated with conventional chemically-treated pools.

“Despite the term ‘natural’ these pools are not just glorified ponds as often believed and attempting to use scaled up koi pond filters is a very bad idea indeed!” explains director and co-founder David Nettleton. He continues: “Any natural swimming pool is a stunning addition to a home and garden, however with a CWR natural swimming pool it’s what you can’t see that makes it really special.”

Clear Water Revival’s unique filtration system provides a chemical-free solution to cleaning the water in a swimming pool. The water is pumped though a bio-filter where a combination of filter media and friendly bacteria work together to remove organic nutrients from the water and balance the pool chemistry. This prevents any algae or bacteria from being able to grow by starving them of the essential nutrition they require.

“Our unique filtration system enables us to design pools with anything from 0-50% planted areas so our clients can choose a contemporary, architecturally led swimming pool design rather than being driven purely by needing a certain percentage of planted filtration area,” says David.

“The shape of the pool can sometimes make fitting materials to the irregular shape tricky without costs escalating, but we love a challenge and have a very diverse range of materials we can work with to ensure we meet our clients’ design requirements.”

In 2011 CWR successfully installed the UK’s first indoor natural swimming pool Tregulland holiday complex in Cornwall. Situated in a timber-framed building, the 12.5 x 5m pool is heated to 28°C and has a children’s paddling area as well as a waterfall returning the naturally filtered water through a planted area to the swimming pool. The atmospheric setting encompasses slate lined walls, underwater lights and backlit planting.

David explains: “Our brief for this project was to provide the client with an indoor swimming pool which would enable their guests to swim in warm, chemical free Cornish spring water. “Because our filtration systems do not rely on aquatic plants to keep the water clean and our unique modular filtration units are compact, they perform extremely well in heated indoor environments and were therefore a perfect choice for this pool.”

More recently, CWR worked in collaboration with Samskara Architects on a natural outdoor freeform pool in Cambridgeshire. The team worked closely with Samskara to assist in the early stages of the concept design as well as advising on filtration, heating and insulation.

“A crystal clear, heated infinity pool is not the style of pool that pops into people’s heads when you say ‘natural swimming pool’, however this is the exciting new reality for those wishing to choose a chemical-free pool but retain the design flexibility and convenience of a conventional swimming pool,” says David.

“Our collaboration with Samskara Architects in 2014 resulted in one of the finest, most inspiring pools we have ever had the pleasure to work on.”

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