Baulcombe To Champion The Defender Filter Range

Defender Filters new swimming pool equipment sales
Martin Baulcombe believes switching to Defender Filters is the best way for swimming pools to cut overheads.

Defender Filters has appointed Martin Baulcombe as its new sales development manager, tasked with raising awareness of the water-efficient range of swimming pool filters.
Martin comes with 18 years experience in the water leisure industry, working with some of the biggest names in the industry including Stranco, Wallace and Tiernan UK and most recently, Topline.
Defender Filters offer significant water quality, reduced chemical demand as well as labour and energy savings over standard sand bed filters.
Reducing plant space requirement by up to 70 per cent, the range is ideal for refurbishment of old plant rooms with no close down period resulting in large operational cost savings.
“The current and on-going water shortages, together with the cost of water and power, mean that innovative products like the
Defender Filter will gain a significant market share in the pool market,” says Martin. “My objectives are to have them installed in every pool in the UK, he adds.”
Martin champions the Defender Filter as the most efficient filtration system available today. The Defender filters eliminates over 90 per cent of the backwash water associated with sand filters and associated waste costs. The dramatic reduction of backwash waste directly translates into savings in chemicals and fuels for re-heating associated with make-up water.
“Councils are closing pools or reducing opening hours in an effort to save running costs and meet the challenges of the
economic climate,” Martin comments. “Defender Filters is the only way many swimming pools will be able to meet the ever-increasing burden of utility charges,” he adds.

Defender Filters is backed by the team that has undertaken some of the best known projects include The London 2012
Aquatic Centre, The Royal Commonwealth Pool, Edinburgh, Tottenham Green Leisure Centre – Defender Filter Upgrade, The Water Cube Beijing, redeveloping the site of the 2008 Olympics, Crawley Leisure Centre, Cardiff International Swimming Pool, Dino Beach Water Park China, Noida Water Park India, NTUC Waterpark Singapore plus many others.

Defender filters
Defender Filters offer significant water quality, but reduced chemical demand as well as labour and energy savings over standard sand bed filters.

Return on investment can be as little as one year for the largest pools, with most typical 20m to 25m sized pools seeing a return on investment within two to three years. Defender Filters can offer a finance option that will give free equipment installed and commissioned paid for by the savings achieved.

Talk to Martin and the Defender Filters team if you have questions about Reverse Osmosis systems for TDS reduction, UV systems, chemical control systems, pool and plant room designs, commissioning and maintenance contracts.

Defender Filters (UK)
Tel. +44 (0)141 404 1590


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