Behind The Scenes Work Continues

Engineers from Wensum Pools were put through their paces as part of the latest Electrical Awareness Workshop.
Engineers from Wensum Pools were put through their paces as part of the latest Electrical Awareness

To support their members and the wider water leisure industry, BISHTA and SPATA work together to ensure that they are represented across Europe, both for networking with other national pool and spa associations in EUSA and also in the development of European Standards. Through these contacts, it is easier to be aware of and share news about forthcoming consultations and to strengthen alliances at home and abroad.

Reporting on the latest updates on European standards, there are proposed revisions to some of the standards for domestic pool construction and installation (the EN 16582 series) and also to the domestic pool water filtration, circulation and treatment standards (the EN 16713 series). The comments will be discussed at the next meeting of the relevant CEN Technical Committee (TC 402) planned for Helsinki on 5th September.

PUBLIC CONTRIBUTION : The domestic spa and hot tub standard (EN 17125) is now available for public consultation – called a ‘CEN Public Enquiry’ – and the industry has until 3rd August to make any comments known to BISHTA and the BSI. The next meeting of the Working Group that is developing this standard (TC 402 WG4) is planned for 12th – 14th September in Berlin. After the EN 17125 standard is finished, this is due to be the last of the planned Standards currently being undertaken by TC 402 for the next couple of years. However, there is plenty to keep the industry ‘on its toes’ regarding European Standards, as there are commercial public pool standards to be revised for both swimming pool equipment (the EN 13451 series) and the design and operation of commercial swimming pools (the EN 15288 series).

HANDS ON EXPERIEINCE : The latest Electrical Awareness Workshop was held at Wensum Pools in Norfolk. The partnership with NICEIC has been hugely impressive, in developing a practical hands on course that helps staff to understand better the requirements for making the final connection to the hot tub. The course also provides a certificate for how to safely isolate electricity to protect the workforce. Further courses can be run during the year, subject to there being sufficient numbers. The next courses are planned for October and November and are hoped to be organised for one in the South and one in the Midlands. Please contact the BISHTA office if you would like to attend this course.