BSPF Launches SPATEX Foundation

BSPF Launches SPATEX Foundation pic 1
ABOVE: SPATEX has raised more than £1.6m in its 24 year history.

Using some of the profits raised from its annual water leisure exhibition, SPATEX, part of the British Swimming Pool Foundation umbrella, is launching a Foundation – a major new initiative to provide funding for the benefit of all in the water leisure industry.
The directors of SPATEX have identified four categories for which applications are invited:
• Training (eg – work on developing a suitable industry course or a bursary to undertake a relevant course to become a tutor).
• Education (eg to develop a course, or to provide materials for the benefit of the industry).
• Research (eg a response to multi-agency groups to contribute towards the cost of research to benefit the industry).
• Other Support (this category covers any other possible bids that might be submitted by groups or individuals).

BSPF Launches SPATEX Foundation pic 2SPATEX Director, and BSPF managing director Chris Hayes, says: “I am delighted SPATEX is leading the way in launching this important industry enterprise. “SPATEX has raised and distributed over a staggering £1.6 million in its 24 year history. The establishment of the Foundation is a more formalised way of distributing these funds and is open to everyone in the industry who can demonstrate a reasonable case for funding.
We welcome applications from all individuals, companies and bodies.”
Applications for up to a maximum of 50 per cent of costs are available on-line through the SPATEX website. As part of the application procedure, applicants have to justify their costs, to show a method of reporting back and show how the application will have a ‘positive impact’ on the industry.
The SPATEX Foundation will be overseen by the SPATEX directors and applications can be made throughout the year using the Foundation form available from the SPATEX office. Subject to the committee’s approval, the awarding of monies may either be immediate or subject to a delay while the funds are topped up from the profits of future SPATEX events.

Tel: +44 (0) 1264 358558