Commercial Pool & Spa Plant Training

Commercial Pool & Spa Plant Training
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Recognising the need for specialist training in the commercial sector, the ISPE has, for a number of years, endorsed the training provided by a small number of companies who offer training in this area. This training is aimed at those swimming pool operators working in hotels, schools, leisure clubs, holiday parks and other commercial facilities. For details of the specific training on offer, and for more details of the training providers, please contact the companies listed below:
Studies in Work, whose training provision in the field of water treatment and pool plant operation is well known, have developed one, two and three-day ISPE courses specifically aimed at owners and operators dealing with pools and spa in hotels, leisure centres, health and fitness clubs, holiday centres and schools.
One reason for the popularity of these courses is that delegates are all given ongoing access to a free helpline.
Courses include:
• An introduction to correct pool and spa plant operation
• Risk assessment in pools and spas
• Operation of paddling pools and water features
• Avoiding Legionnaires’ disease

Leisure Safety Training Ltd, is able to offer competitively priced ISPE-endorsed Pool Plant Operator courses that can be delivered on-site or at selected training venues. These certificated courses can be delivered over one, two or three days depending on the level of training that is required.
All Leisure Safety Training Ltd pool plant courses are delivered to the standards published by the Pool Water Treatment Advisory Group (PWTAG), in ‘Managing Health and Safety in Swimming Pools’ (HSG 179) and in line with the latest PWTAG Code of Practice.  Flowman Leisure offer comprehensive 3-day PASOQ (Pool and Spa Operators Qualifications) Technician Certificate courses throughout the year, and offer a 1-day PASOQ Foundation Certificate course, subject to demand. Additionally, Flowman run the annual 1-day PASOQ Technician Certificate Revalidation update seminar and workshop. Flowman also provides certificated courses as an in-house package to many organisations. Additionally, staff training can be customised to be site-specific and suit the needs of a particular pool and plant room. All Flowman training courses comply fully with the latest guidelines and documentation from the  and the PWTAG. The course tutors are the Flowman partners, David Lowe, MISPE and John Mannion, MISPE, and William Durrand, MISPE from Highlife Highland. Attendees on all Flowman training courses have unlimited access to a free helpline for plant room or water quality management, following their training. Mike Shuff, MISPE and Jim Thomas, MISPE created their prodigy when they came together, having identified a major gap in the industry’s needs for swimming pool and spa operation training. The P.A.L.M. Academy own a range of training products tailor-made to suit clients’ site-specific needs, all complying with PWTAG’s standards, HSG 179, and current European guidance for the safe operation of pools and spas.