THE HYPROLYSER® COMPACT 960 has already created raw material cost savings for the Crystal Leisure Centre.

One of the most recent additions to the Gaffey Hyprolyser® range of electrochlorination units has proved to be a great investment for the Crystal Leisure Centre in Stourbridge. The centre installed Gaffey’s new Hyprolyser® Compact 960 unit in February as a replacement for its previous 15-year old system, and has since been enjoying many different benefits which the unit delivers.

Unlike traditional technologies which require regular deliveries of chlorine solutions to be stored on site, the Hyprolyser® Compact 960 uses only salt, water and electrical energy to generate <1% sodium hypochlorite solution, and it has already created raw material cost savings for the Centre. “The new Hyprolyser® Compact 960 is smaller in size but is so much more efficient than our old one,” explains Facility Supervisor, Iain Bazeley. “We have gone from using 5-7 bags of Hydrosoft salt down to one-two bags a day in the school holidays, and in the current circumstances of the Covid-19 lockdown we are using just two bags of salt per week.” Like all units in the Hyprolyser® range, this ease of use is a key benefit for the operator. In addition to eliminating the need for on-site chemical storage, the Hyprolyser® technology minimizes operator interactions and maintenance requirements – something which can be particularly beneficial where Covid-19 restrictions might limit staff availability. The reduction in raw material consumption also generates an environmental benefit by significantly reducing the need for the plastics used in packaging and recycling operations.

“The Hyprolyser is easy to use and keep clean,” adds Iain Bazeley. “The menu tells you everything you need to know, and you can have it set up so that it alerts you by text or email if there is an alarm in progress. I would highly recommend this product, and Gaffey Technical Services Ltd – we’ve always had brilliant customer service.” As a leading electrochlorination system manufacturer, Gaffey Technical Services has supplied its Hyprolyser® technology to hundreds of installations throughout Europe and beyond. This has helped the Hyprolyser® brand gain a reputation as a simple and safe method of chlorination for commercial pools and spas. Recently, Gaffey has also pioneered the development of smaller-scale electrochlorination systems, such as the Hyprolyser iSEC range. These offer a cost-effective option for small commercial pool, school and hotel applications. The new Hyprolyser® Compact 960 is the latest addition to the range, and is designed to provide ample chlorine output for mid- to largesize leisure facilities with multiple pools.



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