Dream Makers

Teamwork is a key part of the company’s philosophy with up to 100 people involved in every project.

Transforming lacklustre swimming pools into intricate works of art is an area of pool design in which Craig Bragdy Design is a master. With a reputation spanning four decades, the Welsh-based company’s name is linked with some of the world’s most spectacular swimming pools. All bespoke creations, each project is designed specifically to a brief provided by the client or architect, opening up endless possibilities for creativity and diversity.

“Ultimately our customers are leading entrepreneurs in business, heads of state and any client who has an appreciation of art that can be created in an everlasting and unique ceramic form for swimming pools and feature wall murals,” explains director Shon Powell.

“We undertake projects across the globe, and I would estimate that approximately 25 per cent of our business is concluded for projects in the UK.”

Shon adds: “We are currently working on a select number of UK swimming pool and spa projects for international high profile clients where client strict confidentially is important, select UK swimming pool contractors have been nominated to construct the pool and spa areas for these projects where quality, reliability and working at that level is paramount.”


Classic sculptural work of the ancient Romans was the chosen inspiration for a private recreational pool design featuring three dimensional images carved on to the clay surface with each hand cut tile.

Central to the success of the business is the dedicated team of over 100, made up of designers, mural makers, installers and administrators. The process begins at the studio where the team of experienced artists transfer the final design on to a rolled out sheet of clay. This is then moulded by hand until the shape and detail is just right. The decorated mural is then cut into pieces; the shapes and cuts form an integral part of the design.

“At Craig Bragdy, we design and manufacture every tile by hand,” says Shon. “This gives us the freedom to adapt the techniques used during manufacture and ensure they are sympathetic to the swimming pool design adding to the individuality of each project.”

The next stage is the application of colour, selected from a vast range of slips, glazes and oxides. Finally precious metals such as gold, platinum and silver are applied to enhance the fine detailing. This process, by its nature, ensures no two pools are the same, but an authentic reflection of the client’s personality – their very own work of art.

Shon adds: “From matte to glossy colour, it is possible to create the precise level of finish that clients are looking for, adding more resistance and relief depending on their needs.

“With safety in mind, making tiles and ceramics by hand enables texture and relief to be added, creating grip for paddlers and swimmers. This is especially important with zero level pools where the floor of the swimming pool begins at exactly the same level as the surrounding ground, gently sloping away into deeper water.”

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