Drive To Increase Shop Footfall

PPG showcased its 2016 star line up at its recent annual customer seminar.
PPG showcased its 2016 star line up at its recent annual customer seminar.

Offering a concerted strategy to attract more shoppers into specialist pool and spa stores, Bayrol, operating in the UK exclusively through PPG, has unveiled a combination of initiatives to energise its UK retailers.
Speaking at the recent PPG seminar, Bayrol’s Juergen Konig revealed some key tactics in the battle to attract more traffic away from the Internet and back into specialist stores.
Juergen told Bayrol retailers that latest market research shows how the current consumer behaviour is changing: “The Internet is a very sterile environment,” said Juergen. “Customers want to touch, feel and see if their purchase suits their needs.” “Today’s consumer is showing multi-channel behaviour which means the end-user will not solely inform themselves via the internet –they will look at the internet and then to go to the shop armed with that information,” Juergen explained.
“Because of biocidal guidelines; there could be a change of regulatations in the future which will lead to products not being able to sell on the internet in future,” Juergen added.
“That means on-line customers will have to come back to the retailers,” he emphasised.
“It is on the horizon and if retailers present themselves now, in the best way possible, to the end consumer, they could be buying from you today but will ultimately have to buy from you tomorrow.”


Specific Bayrol initiatives include distribution of a printed 16 page magazine giving seasonal tips to UK home pool and hot tub owners. This will be backed up by regular e-shots promoting products and encouraging shop visits.
Bayrol is also encouraging investment in in-store testing with the Bayrol Lab testing station in every store – a bespoke version of the La Motte spin lab.
All of the initiatives will be backed by a money-back voucher scheme of up to £10 per store visit all linked to specific Bayrol retailer stores.
“All these tools will help in driving business back into the shop and once there, it is up to the shop owner to upsell on other products as varied as brushes to aquatic toys.
“We have seen great success with this scheme in Germany and I am sure it will work for the UK market also.”
PPG is the exclusive distributor of Bayrol products in the UK and Eire. At its La Nouvelle Voie seminar, held at Whittlebury Hall Hotel & Spa, nr Towcester, before Christmas, organised by PPG’s Drive To Increase Shop Footfall Jimmy Lamb, the company showcased Bayrol and a host of other star performers tipped for even bigger success in 2016.
Speakers including Koen Jans, from Antwerp based T & A Covers, who gave an insight into the company’s growing share of the covers market in Europe.
“We love to talk about reliability,” said Koen. “We have been in the market for 20 years and we work hard to maintain our market leading status based on reliability and quality,” he said.

Juergen Koenig explained how consumer behaviour is changing.
Juergen Koenig explained how consumer behaviour is changing.


He went on to explain that T&A offer four weeks standard order to delivery on pools up to 7m wide. He said they are fully stocked for spares and repairs while constantly still investing in product innovation and development with two new products to show to delegates at the Whittlebury event.
PPG’s own Michael Witney, who has recently extended his technical sales role with the company, talked about the two heat pump products available for 2016. This includes an exclusive new Inverter Plus variable heat pump that has undergone rigorous testing with 400 units in the marketplace across Europe “It has been a year in the making and we are very excited about the potential for this product,” said Michael. “The unit has nine sensors all fed back to enable the machine to offer 20% energy saving and a COP of eight based on typical UK climate conditions.” Gino Matthys presented the latest in specialised lighting options the swimming pool environment from Specravision LED lights while Franz Kapeller extolled the virtues of the WDT Chlorydos Complete automatic control system.
As the sole distributor of Dryden Aqua’s swimming pool products in England, Wales, NI and Eire, PPG also had up to date information on its ‘DAISY’ System (Dryden Aqua Integrated System); – now installed in more than 100,000 swimming pools around the world and the recent winner of the UK Pool & Spa Awards Product Of The Year.
With lunch and refreshments available during the day, delegates enjoyed the work, rest and play PPG ethos, gathering in the evening for a top class dinner with entertainment, prizes and dancing.
For more information and to pick up a 2016 catalogue, the PPG team will be staffing stand B14 at the forthcoming SPATEX show – or contact them during normal office hours.

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