Drowning In Ignorance

Builder turned pool insulation pioneer, Nigel Rose continues his one-man campaign to educate the pool industry and their customers…
Suitable for indoor and outdoor pools, the Thermapool insulation system will slash overall heating costs for residential and commercial pools.

When it comes to making bold statements – Nigel Rose, builder, turned self-proclaimed pool pioneer is not backward in coming forward.
“The swimming pool industry and the owners of Britain’s
300,000 pools are drowning in ignorance.” says Nigel Rose in his latest PR propaganda.
Traditionally slow to be persuaded to try new concepts, the
pool sector has been reluctant to respond to the bold statements
and claims by the inventor of the Thermapool insulation system.
Yet Nigel’s argument is so persuasive, he has attracted the
attention of The Times, with an article quoting his confident claims
of saving first the pool industry, closely followed by the planet.
So is he really helping his cause by over egging the sales
messages? The pool industry jury is still out; wondering if Nigel
Rose is ahead of his time, a misunderstood messiah of energy
efficiency, or just a clever manipulator of facts and figures to cash
in on the energy efficiency debate?
“I’m often taken to task for my claims – which are totally
backed up with scientific research – that I have developed a
system which can be fitted to new pools, or during renovations, to
heat them for a negligible amount, saving 86% of heat loss with
efficient insulation,” says Nigel.
“The industry just won’t accept the scientific facts and
continues to insulate pools poorly with unsuitable material
like polystyrene and polyurethane foams – and their trusting
customers are the ones losing out, paying a premium to keep their
pools at a comfortable temperature and pushing tons of CO2 into
the atmosphere in the process.”