HEATSTAR MANUFACTURE their equipment to cater from the smallest spa to the largest leisure facilities.

The heat pump as a heating method for swimming pools was developed by Tony Andrews, the founder of Heatstar and the father of current Heatstar Director, Jackie Scott. Knowing he was on to a much-needed concept, in 1980, Tony launched his own business venture creating the first fresh air source heat pumps for dedicated application on swimming pools – the Heatstar ‘brand’ was born.

Since the company’s inception, Heatstar has been at the forefront of the swimming pool industry through its design and manufacture of innovative environmental control solutions. Despite changes in regulations over the years, Heatstar’s commitment to innovation and growth has remained consistent, ensuring that its heating technologies always achieve highly efficient results for both installers and end users alike.

Two keys areas that Heatstar are often praised for is the bespoke nature of their products, along with the energy efficiency that they can achieve. Heatstar manufacture their equipment to cater from the smallest spa to large leisure facilities / municipal pools and everything in-between.

THE KNOWLEDGEABLE HEATSTAR team will return to SPATEX this February.

One of the great strengths of Heatstar is their ability to design and build a suitable environmental control system that perfectly suits the application at hand, made exactly to order. Every unit Heatstar manufacture is tailored to the precise individual requirements of that application, obviating the need to under or oversize performance aspects or tolerate inappropriate equipment room layout, as can be the case with ‘off the shelf’ products.

Today, Heatstar is led by its four directors with Jackie Scott and Paul Scott in charge of the overall corporate and financial strategy, Joe Venables in charge of all pre-sales aspects including commercial strategy, product design and research, and the management of the company’s design and specification team. David Hayles oversees all aspects post-sale service support and aftersales activities. Heatstar prides itself on the level of advice they are able to give during the specification of a new system.

Much of the Heatstar’s reputation has come about through this comprehensive assistance and advice offered to prospective clients. This is a major factor in ensuring that every application is a complete success. Heatstar examine each individual project in detail, using their unequalled experience to identify and overcome possible design difficulties at an early stage.

“Heatstar prides itself on continual development of its products through an ever-changing energy conscious market,” says Joe Venables, Heatstar’s Commercial Director. “The company has the flexibility in design to adopt the best components on the market quickly and effectively into their product range, supporting customers and applications seeking to maximise efficiency, reliability and performance.

“As each unit is specified to the individual application, utilising its inhouse computerised system, the specifications are always kept up to date to incorporate the best components and can cater for every type of application,” Mark continues. “This system can take in to account every aspect of the application, no matter how small, and provide accurate energy assessment to guide the customer to select the correct model for the application at hand.”

Regulations are continually changing to drive applications closer to the desired nett zero carbon emissions status, and Heatstar are focused on staying ahead of the curve to make sure that all of the equipment is not only meeting the regulations but out-performing the regulations and remaining at the forefront of energy efficiency.

In an attempt to help and support customers through the changing regulations, Heatstar have developed several technical bulletins to highlight the changes and how this affects various equipment and model types. Heatstar’s Technical Director Paul Scott also recently carried out a seminar at SPATEX guiding customers through the changes in regulations and how this affects applications for the future.

In the UK, Heatstar are proud of their long-term partnership with AstralPool UK who provide assistance with the sales and distribution of Heatstar products, leaving Heatstar to focus on its core strengths – product development and innovation, quality manufacturing and exceptional after-sales service. AstralPool provide Heatstar with their own dedicated Business Development Manager – Ron O’Sullivan.

HEATSTAR OFFER THE IN-HOUSE ability to design and build a suitable environmental control system that perfectly suits the application at hand.

With a team of their own dedicated engineers located throughout the UK, Heatstar are able to deliver an unrivalled level of after sales, preventative maintenance and response support service. These service engineers are directly employed by Heatstar, with extensive experience, and are completely knowledgeable about the entire Heatstar product range.

Heatstar always appreciate that you will want to have your equipment back up and running again as quickly as possible in the event of a breakdown and this reduced lead time helps Heatstar provide a fast and responsive call out service reducing any inconvenience and downtime. Preventative measures will also always keep the equipment working correctly and to that end Heatstar offer a range of planned maintenance agreements.

MUCH OF THE HEATSTAR’S reputation has come about through this comprehensive assistance and advice offered to prospective clients.

Heatstar extends a warm invitation to new and returning customers alike to join them on their stand at SPATEX, February 6 to 8, at the Coventry Building Society Arena. Heatstar’s knowledgeable team will be on hand to answer any technical questions you may have on any aspect of Heatstar’s product range.

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