ANIVEKOs children become more and more reliant on electronic games and devices, the harder it is to get them away from the computer and hand-held devices. Niveko is encouraging families to take the plungewith its high quality garden pools as the idealincentive to coax youngsters outdoors and getthem exercising. The whole family were involved in choosing the shapeand design of a recent Niveko pool installation for acustomer living in Vienna, Austria.
“My wife was crazy about the broad shallow-end whereyou enter the pool, as we saw on the photos on the Niveko website” said the happy customer. “For the children, wewent for relaxation cubes in the back corners of the pool.”Right from the start, the family planned to integratealmost invisible steps into the pool with no railing – alsodue to the complex cover design they had chosen.

The size was adapted to suit the dimensions of their garden terrace, while they also had to take account of theposition of the cover when it was retracted, although in anycase the pool was to be 10 metres long. For transport reasons the 4m width that was originallyplanned was narrowed to 3.70 m. Back to the customer:“We found such amazing photos and timeless designs onthe Niveko website that helped us decide on them pretty much straight away.”
“The thing we liked the most is the material, which is sopleasant to the touch, and the surface of the pool.” And headded: “We are also glad that we opted for a white pool– the water is a sparkling blue when we fill it up. Everyonewho comes to visit us is greatly impressed with our pool.”

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