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SUBLIME DESIGN AND delivery of luxurious wellness facilities like the Momentary Versace Spa

Barr +Wray has built its export market over nearly six decades…

Barr + Wray is a UK based company that more than lives up to its main marketing message of ‘everything water’. With a multi-million turnover and sustained profit margin, the company is a champion of British enterprise. From as far back as 1959, B+W has been recognised as one of the UK’s leaders in fluid handling and conditioning. The Glasgow-based team has established an envied reputation for its cutting edge work in the design and build of the most prestigious health clubs and state of the art leisure centres. Today they are recognised as one of the UK’s leading providers of commercial swimming pools and associated plant, and you will find their name associated with many of today’s flagship developments, throughout the UK. B+W has been building the export side of the business since the late 70s, with its wave machine division initially forging the path for its main overseas interest. “With Waves leading the way, the general pools and water treatment systems soon followed and were exported overseas,” confirms Operations Director, Lorne Kennedy. “We were not chasing the work. The growth was organic, as a global market presented itself as being in need of Barr + Wray’s set of skills.”

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BARR + WRAY IS RECOGNISED as one of the UK’s leading providers of commercial swimming pools and associated plant.

Stand-out design and engineering consultancy packages have continued to be a success on projects throughout the world. The UK and Europe have been sustained as core roots for B+W that has matured and spread branches, establishing a global network of agents. Most of that export success has come with the opening of offices in Dubai and Hong Kong with additional presence in the Middle East and India, Asia Pacific and China. Lorne shares: “There is still huge potential in mainland China, however there are many restrictions which do not present themselves when carrying out market research, or investigations on the ways of China business. “We have therefore had a few surprises, both good and bad,” he reveals. “Clients reach out to us from early stages of the project to provide our engineering design which ensures they will have detailed designs and quality products specified for their project in which all tenderers must adhere to. “

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BARR + WRAY HAVE AN office based in Dubai to support project like the Westin Heavenly Spa.

B+W’s bespoke stainless steel massage features to vitality pools sell very well throughout the world. This usually stems from clients visiting sites within the UK and, impressed by the product so much, they want them in their own properties and developments worldwide. Lorne again: “Having our own team of installers for pool filtration and thermal cabins means that these items sell very well worldwide as the client has peace of mind of a quality product and install. “We have seen virtually no Brexit impact, as the business has various income streams, and with our overseas offices, we are not solely dependent on the UK market, unlike most of our domestic British competition. “The low value of Sterling helps for purchase of UK goods and services, which are still required for the overseas offices. “With BW group purchase power and discount structures, we are able to purchase goods in the UK, and send to the sites overseas, at a lower capital cost.”

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