THE PHOENIX EC from Heatstar is a hybrid heat recovery ventilation system for indoor swimming pools.

In an environmentally conscious industry such as the water leisure sector, responsible pool installers and owners are always looking to utilise the most energy efficient ways to manage and control the swimming pool hall environment. Building control regulations lay down strict guidelines for energy efficiency in swimming pool applications to enforce this. If pool hall humidity level is not limited then heavy condensation will occur on the pool hall structure leading to rapid deterioration of the décor and eventually possible structural failure. To prevent this a method of effective dehumidification must always be employed. Given present fuel costs it is essential that the environmental control system dehumidifying a pool hall environment, such as the Heatstar Phoenix EC, must utilise methods of energy recovery to condense out excess humidity without unnecessarily throwing away warm air that could otherwise be utilised, thus saving the pool owner money.

The Phoenix EC from Heatstar is a hybrid heat recovery ventilation system for indoor swimming pools, both residential and non-residential. It incorporates different, highly effective technologies to achieve the highest energy efficiency and the lowest operating costs of any similar systems. These technologies focus on three main areas: The fans used in the units, optimising heat recovery (“free” heat) and energy recycling through dehumidification via a refrigeration heat pump system. When considering energy recycling due to the typical pool hall condition of high temperature / high humidity, a heat pump dehumidifier can absorb a high proportion of latent energy from the pool hall converting vapour into water.This energy is recycled and upgraded through the heat pump system and provides greater amounts of sensible heat energy back in to the swimming pool water or pool hall air. Efficiencies in excess of 380% are achievable albeit from the same source, meaning the Phoenix EC out performs all current alternative methods of energy recycling on the market today. With regards to heat recovery, the ‘dry’ heat recovery performance of a modern highly efficient plate recuperator does not alter with differing internal or external conditions, the only factors that affect ‘dry’ heat recovery performance is thermal efficiency of the plates, surface area and air volume / velocity. Meaning the Phoenix EC can maintain exceptionally high ‘dry’ heat recovery performance with the changing external variables.

Building regulations stipulate ‘dry’ heat recovery performance figures. However, the prevailing wet bulb conditions will affect overall efficiency. The Phoenix EC utilises this plate recuperator in combination with the dehumidification heat pump to produce unrivalled levels of heat recovery. Put all this together and Heatstar, after 40 years of design and innovation, continue to be at the very cutting edge of swimming pool environmental control systems with the Phoenix EC representing the optimum solution for the highest specification indoor swimming pools.

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