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Once viewed as a necessary evil by designers, swimming pool covers are turning on the style with a plethora of fashionable, multi-coloured and printed finishes that now enhance rather than detract from swimming pool finishes. Designers like DEL have helped fuel the artistic change, developing innovative cover systems with not just energy-saving and safety features but with a healthy splash of style and chic. DEL Galery d’O epitomizes the new type of winter cover which combines aesthetics as well as safety. Available exclusively in the UK through Golden Coast, a wide range of designs are available from Zebra to the Picasso-inspired Art Deco. Customers can even customise their pool covers to their own design – the ultimate in garden art. Designed to protect and secure the pool while transforming it into a decorative garden element, these eye-catching debris covers have been made with special inks and are covered with an anti-UV protection coating – maintaining the quality of visuals for many years to come. “Our domestic sales have remained strong, thanks to the innovative and diverse product range we are able to offer through DEL,” says Golden Coast’s Dominic Adams. “While cost is a top concern among customers, energy use remains a strong driver… as does aesthetics.”




Slatted cover specialist Ocea has been pushing the boundaries of colour as well as design for many years. Its colourful blend of plastic slats for its cover systems can be pigmented with any tint of red, yellow, pink or a rainbow of options. Soon to be available from Ocea will be three completely new designer ranges of slats each range specially created to blend in with today’s modern pools both indoor and outdoor. The ranges will be’ four seasons’ ,’Calm’, and ‘Architect’ all three ranges come with a full five year warranty and of course Ocea’s specialist back up support. Pro Copi is another company that is witnessing the move towards more thoughtful cover design. “If you match the colour of the cover with the pool surround and hide the mechanics in a pit or a coloured enclosure then the covers can become an integral part of the pool area and not an eyesore,” says Pro Copi’s David Dahl. “It all depends on the budget you have available but most good manufacturers will have a range of covers to suit the clients’ requirements.” Taking pool cover design into another dimension, Aquatrac has taken a transparent stance with its new see-through Vision cover. Pool design and lighting features can be shown off to their best effect even when the pool is not in use with the all new Vision Cover. Yet the transparent Vision Cover performs just as well as traditional swimming pool covers improving Aquatrac undertook two years of research and development before bringing the Vision Cover to market. Ideal for indoor pools of any size or shape, the Vision Cover is made the highest quality stainless steel parts and materials, supply with the back-up of a turnkey service and with the added reassurance of the Aquatrac Fairplay Warranty. Procopi have found the safety cover market fairly buoyant in the present economic climate as customers are becoming increasing aware of safety issues. “We are finding customers are looking at long term solutions and the aesthetics’ of the cover. The customer wants something that is easy to operate and maintain but is good value for money,” says Pro Copi’s David Dahl….


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