THE ecoFINISH® system is tried and tested in water parks and holiday parks.

With revenue from refurbishment projects providing the lifeblood for so many pool contractors, ecoFINISH® is a virtual gift from the gods. A high-performance co-polymer material combination, ecoFINISH® is the world’s first, largest, and fastest growing manufacturer of polymer coatings. Ideal for both residential and commercial pool applications, ecoFINISH® is now operating in 42 countries. This pneumatically-applied thermal plastic coating is formulated from its own patented application, eliminating most shortcomings found in other industrial and aquatic coatings. With sample boards of the most popular colours available for customers to choose from, ecoFINISH® is provided as standard in 37 colours with bespoke colours and finishes easily accommodated.

Compared to coloured masonry finishes, ecoFINISH® has a more uniform tone across the entire swimming pool and as the pool ages, the installation of an ecoFINISH will not ‘mottle’ or fade in larger blotchy clouds. “When it comes to refurbishment, the ecoFINISH® system scores particularly highly with fibreglass, marblelite and painted pools,” explains European expansion executive Glenn Burbridge. It is speedy too. Says Glenn: “Typically, ecoFINISH® saves over two weeks on site compared to traditional finishes like tiling,” Glenn points out. UNIFORM TONE “ecoFINISH® coatings can be applied up to a rate of 70m2 per hour and guess this is why the top manufacturers such as Rivera pools ,Starline pools and Latham, to name a few, use ecoFINISH® finishes to coat not only existing pools but new ones too. “For all the benefits for the trade, people choose the ecoFINISH® for its aesthetics because it is so good looking and offers huge bespoke potential not just on colours but also with stencil options.”

ecoFINISH® IS now operating in 42 countries.

Offering an easily-maintained, smooth finish, ecoFINISH® provides the perfect makeover for tired swimming pools, both residential and commercial. Bespoke options include depth markings, race lane markings and corporate logos as added features along with anti-slip for exit and entry points. Rochelle Solomon, UK sole distributor adds: “If you keep doing, what you always have done, you will just get the same results. “Many pool companies are sticking with the traditional pool builds and refurbishment methods, but they are missing a trick by not using the ecoFINISH® ,” she explains. “Our challenge is to break those outdated habits by reminding pool specialists there are newer and better ways of pool finishing.”

THE ecoFINISH® system scores particularly highly on tired fibreglass, marblelite and painted pools.

The ecoFINISH® system is tried and tested in water leisure sectors such as water parks, commercial spas and holiday parks. Pedigree projects include Woburn Center Parcs, Typhoon Lagoon in Texas and Zoo Marine in Portugal as well as the West Edmonton Mall wave pool in Canada. The system scores so well environmentally that it is attracting a growing following in markets such as fish farms, aqua marine and food processing. Accredited ecoFINISH® installers have to purchase their own machine with training undertaken by the corporate trainers on site to ensure that the product is being applied in accordance to the approved installation process. Alternatively the company can offer the pool trade the benefits of our finishes without purchasing the equipment. Approved and trained installers can provide a trade quotation and when approved will always turn up representing your own company even wearing appropriate company named shirts. Says Glenn: “In-house ecoFINISH® installers are not competition and will never discuss prices or any other matters with the end clients. The best way to think is they are a part time extended team member of your company. “We are looking to extend our network of accredited installers who are all promised protected geographic areas and full support,” explains Glenn. “For those, willing and able to invest, the ecoFINISH® offers a valuable revenue stream, not just in swimming pools but in a host of other markets,” he adds. If you would like to learn more or would like to use our services please make contact to talk through which options suit you best.


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