THE SMALL BUT CLOSE-KNIT All Swim team gathered to celebrate the company’s 50th anniversary.
THE SMALL BUT CLOSE-KNIT All Swim team gathered to celebrate the company’s 50th anniversary.

Based in Cardiff, All Swim marked their 50th Anniversary celebrations with a two-day open day event at their Penarth Road showroom. They were supported by all of their main suppliers, who travelled from across the country to join the celebrations. Launched in 1972 by Audrey Allen and husband Mike, some 30 years later, the business was handed to the safe hands of daughter Jane and husband Andrew Veysey. They took over the business and moved to a new larger premises, having outgrown the original site.

Still a family run business, Jane and Andrew’s children, James, Thomas and Sarah still occasionally work in the business alongside the small but close-knit team. Attendees at the 50th events learned about pool and hot tub water treatment, how to treat and prevent algae and – a key one at the moment and some simple and clever ways to reduce swimming pool running costs. Seminar hosts from Complete Pool Controls, Waterco, Lo-Clor and SCP Europe had outstanding feedback from the attendees, who came away with expert tips on running their swimming pools and hot tubs.

Zodiac automatic pool cleaners were on display – and on a popular special offer for the duration of the event! A local swimming school ran free 15-minute swim coaching sessions in the Performance Endless Pool and the E2000 swimspa, helping coaching technique and stroke improvement. Visitors enjoyed specially made All Swim cupcakes, a glass of fizz or a beer and in-store special offer promotions and discounts ran throughout too.

Jane Veysey said: “We wanted to mark our 50th in a way that gave thanks to our customers, without who there would be no All Swim.”

“We also wanted to involve and say thank to our suppliers, who have been immensely supportive throughout this journey – through the good times and the bad.” Jane, Andrew and the team were overwhelmed by the generous support of both suppliers and customers – with one even making an amazing cake replica of her enjoying her swimspa. The team and suppliers were treated to an evening out to celebrate further after the successful event, with the focus on reflecting on the past and looking forward to the next milestones ahead.