Half Of Brits Admit To Peeing In The Pool

A survey by Travelzoo revealed that almost half of Brits admitted to peeing in the pool or sea while on holiday.

A new study has revealed some disturbing truths that may make you think twice about going for a swim in the hotel pool on holiday.

Almost half of Britons have admitted to peeing in the sea or pools used by other holidaymakers. But Brits aren’t the worst culprits, in fact Americans are the most prolific with 65 per cent admitting to reliving themselves in the pool, closely followed by 50 per cent of Canadians.

Travelzoo’s independent Global Travel Secrets Survey asked over 9,500 adults across the UK, US, China, Canada and Germany to own up to their worst holiday habits.

The research also revealed that British and German tourists are as bad as each other when it comes to hogging sunbeds on holiday with a third of respondents from both nations admitting to making the early morning towel run.

Here in the UK it seems we also have no qualms when it comes to pulling a ‘sickie’ to drag out that holiday feeling – 15 per cent of us owned up to it, along with a quarter of Americans.

Travelzoo spokeswoman Louise Hodges said: “Travelzoo’s Global Travel Secrets study showed that not all international tourists behave in the same way, and that there is a temptation for us all to do things on holiday we probably wouldn’t do in normal life.

“From sneaking out with the hotel bathrobe to relieving oneself in the pool – it seems that each nation has a penchant bending the rules a little away from home.”