Hard Work Equals A Winning Formula

Peter Grinnall and his Complete Spas team are evolving from spa retail and service to pool maintenance and construction.


They say success breeds success but for spa retailing couple Peter and Rachel Grinnall, of Midlands-based Complete Spas, it seems the harder they work, the luckier they get! The entrepreneurial pair first thought of opening their own spa retail business five years ago. “Rachel and I went out on a sunny afternoon with £5k in our back pocket with the hope of buying a ‘proper’ hot tub as we had a spa in a box for three years and loved it,” recalls Peter. “We went to several local dealers and no one was interested in taking our money or, they wanted us to buy at 10k plus or even a swim spa.” Frustrated but not completely daunted, by coincidence, the pair attended a trade show for another business and bought a spa from there. Peter explains: “We got into a conversation with the manufacturer who was looking for dealers. “We started on the internet but after a couple of months and a couple of sales we opened a small shop in an antique centre.”


Complete Spas soon outgrew its original base, moving to a nearby business park. Then 18 months ago, the couple were given the opportunity to open a second showroom at Earlswood near Solihull which they say, has gone from strength to strength with a broad selection of spas available. “Our customers range from someone who is looking for an entry level or pre-owned spa to someone who knows exactly what they want and have no budget limit,” explains Peter. “If someone walks into our showroom we have their perfect spa,” says Peter. “I love all of our sales, even the awkward ones as there is always something to learn,” says Peter, who keen to invest back into the industry has recently joined the BISHTA committee. “My stand out memories so far have been moving spas from Europe; we have moved one spa, four times, all over Europe for a guy in the forces,” Peter recalls. “I would also have to highlight the hires we did for half a dozen Z list celebrities when we first set up in business… I don’t think I’ve ever drunk so much champagne!” Rachel and Peter work alongside Ben, their head technician and a tight-knit sales and maintenance team. “When the ‘good times’ come back perhaps more showrooms will be on the cards,” says Peter who believes the main threat to his business are low quality Chinese imports and poor management of the economy by the government. Having successfully completed his scuba diving qualifications, Peter is building up a pool maintenance side of his business and has ambitions to dip a toe into pool construction with the help of several experienced pool-building friends. “The main reason we are successful is the fact Rachel and I have worked bloody hard for five years, seven days a week,” says Peter. “People say we’re lucky to have what we have. All I say is it is strange how, the harder we work, the luckier we get.”

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