Heatstar Fly Flag For UK Manufacturing

ABOVE: Heatstar products are designed, developed and manufactured in the UK but are still very much specified worldwide.

Many UK manufacturers, particularly in the swimming pool industry, have opted to manufacture their products in other countries outside the UK. Heatstar, from its UK base has, for nearly 40 years, pioneered the innovation, design and manufacture of modern, highly energy efficient, climate control systems for swimming pools. During this time Heatstar have become the market leader in this field with an enviable reputation for quality. It is worth noting that Heatstar units contain some of the very best specialist components from the USA and Europe but the complete product, its design and construction, is only produced in Heatstar’s own manufacturing facility on the Isle of Wight in the South of England.Because ‘quality’ is at the heart of every Heatstar product Heatstar’s philosophy is simple – the best place to build their products is in their own UK factory by the people who have Heatstar’s values in their DNA and who can deliver Heatstar’s exacting standards in build quality and reliability. VALUE FOR MONEY Heatstar build up to a standard and not down to a price in order to offer real value for money in the market place. This enables Heatstar to offer an unrivalled manufacturer’s warranty and a comprehensive after sales support service operated solely by Heatstar’s own trained and knowledgeable engineers. Heatstar is proud of its heritage as a British manufacturer for almost forty years. It is one of the reasons why Heatstar, in addition to its UK success, exports to customers all around the world including Europe, Russia, China and a multitude of other prominent territories. Although Heatstar products are designed, developed and manufactured in the UK they are still very much specified worldwide and can be found in leading hotels and leisure facilities, internationally renowned spas and luxury developments around the globe. Closer to home, Heatstar have also celebrated recent unprecedented success. Heatstar’s values have driven sales growth which has seen an increased demand for Heatstar products leading to an expansion of manufacturing premises and a 20% increase in their skilled production workforce – all ensuring that Heatstar’s “made in Britain” philosophy continues. Heatstar Tel. 01983 521 465www.heatstar.com