WITH A NATIONWIDE NETWORK of service engineers, Heatstar offer planned maintenance agreements on all their products.

Offering trusted expertise for nearly 40 years, Heatstar produce some of the most energy efficient pool environments in the UK by investing in and adapting the latest energy saving technologies available.
These include highly efficient variable speed fans utilising ‘auto- fan’ technology whereby the speed and power of the air-recirculation fan is managed automatically to enable significant energy savings whenever there is low demand for dehumidification or air-heating.
Heat pump dehumidification with active recycling to both air and pool water. Efficiencies of over 380% are possible through this process and highly efficient plate-to-plate heat recuperators, which have no moving mechanical parts to recover any energy that would typically be lost to outside.
Every swimming pool application is different and therefore a thorough assessment of each individual application is necessary to calculate the environmental control unit option best suited that will also offer the lowest possible energy consumption possible.
With market-leading models like the Phoenix Heatstar utilise the latest energy saving technologies to offer the most state-of-the-art, energy efficient swimming pool environmental control systems.
Heatstar offer a comprehensive quotation service where they take into consideration every aspect of the swimming pool hall, along with the primary heat source in place, to offer the most thorough estimation in relation to running costs. For Heatstar no amount of information is too much!
Heatstar can provide energy estimations working in conjunction with many different primary sources including heat pumps, which seem to be becoming more and more popular. Heatstar can help with calculating the best compromise between primary duty and performance against mechanical requirements of the application to offer the lowest all- round energy consumption.

HEATSTAR UTILISES THE LATEST ENERGY saving technologies to offer the most energy efficient swimming pool environmental control systems.

Every Heatstar unit is custom made to deliver the precise individual performance requirements of the new or refurbished pool averting the need to under or over size performance aspects. Bespoke systems from Heatstar can achieve substantial savings in fuel bills and guaranteed long term energy efficiency.
Clients also have the added peace of mind that every Heatstar unit is designed and built to be fully compliant with all the new legislation and directives on energy efficiency. In fact, Heatstar units often exceed the legal energy efficiency requirements making a new or refurbished pool not just up to date but ahead of the game.
The cost saving and performance benefits of a Heatstar system do not end once commissioning has taken place and the system is in full use.
An effective maintenance plan will help ensure the optimum performance of the Heatstar system and of course help guarantee long-term, trouble-free usage of the system. Heatstar therefore offer planned maintenance agreements on all their products ensuring the system is looked after routinely by one of Heatstar’s own dedicated engineers.

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