Holiday Park Leak

Chemical Leak
A chemical leak at Wild Duck Holiday Park near Great Yarmouth led to around 40 people needing treatment for breathing difficulties.

Almost 40 people were treated by paramedics following a chemical leak at a Haven holiday park swimming pool in June.

Emergency services, including police, fire and ambulance crews, were called to Wild Duck Holiday Park in Belton near Great Yarmouth in Norfolk. The immediate area was evacuated and a 20m cordon was put in place.

Casualties were taken to three local hospitals to be treated for breathing difficulties.

Simon Pritchard, general manager at Wild Duck Holiday Park commented: “Our team of highly skilled and experienced technicians in the maintenance and mechanics of swimming pools have been working closely with the Environmental Health officials and other safety officers.

“They identified a problem with a flow switch in part of the pool’s chemical and circulation system. This controls the amount of chlorine and disinfectant that is pumped into the pool on a regular cycle.

“Unfortunately, a small piece of grit found its way into the switch and blocked it in the open position. This resulted in a higher than acceptable amount of chemicals entering the pool.”

All Haven Holiday resorts, operating the same control systems, have undertaken similar inspections.