House Calls


With residential swimming pool building figures having taken a dip in recent years, pool companies have worked hard to build up the servicing side of their business.
And in some cases this can be as much as 40 per cent of their turnover.
Pool servicing contracts are usually offered as standard from the completion of a new pool and most customers want that quality assurance. For many pool companies servicing business can be a great boost during slow building periods, not only on pools they have built themselves – but new service business on existing pools.
“Pool servicing contracts have become a large part of our business – around a third of our turnover,” says Tom Holman, chairman and managing director of Fowler Swimming Pools Ltd in West Sussex.
“All full-service contracts vary according to the needs of the client but the average annual cost can be around £1,800 for an outdoor pool and up to £4,000 for an indoor pool. “For the indoor pools, inspections can be fortnightly or weekly with visual inspection looking at quality of the water and a range of aspects that need to be checked and monitored.
“Outdoor pools are checked regularly in the summer, fortnightly or weekly, and in the winter monthly – according to the needs of the customer.” From May to December servicing engineers can be working flat out – with 70 per cent of work on outdoor pools and 30 per cent on indoor ones.

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