SCP UK shines its considerable light on a huge range of lighting solutions available including the Hayward ColorLogic LED lighting options. Offering an infinite number of mood options, the Colorlogic® model offers a choice of 16 lighting programmes, allowing you to adjust the atmosphere to suit the mood.

With an optional remote control, lighting programs can be synchronised immediately with no need to turn the system off. Longlasting and reliable: these lights have a lifetime of more than 30,000 hours, thanks to their anodised aluminium casing and plastic lens, which provide exceptional protection against aggressive climate conditions and water treatment chemicals.

Compliant with all European lighting regulations, the radio frequency communication between the lighting and remote control is also certified. Offering maximum electricity consumption of 16W for the Colorlogic® LED light, these lights also score on aesthetics with Colorlogic® and Crystalogic® LED lights able to be personalised to match the colour of the pool, with a choice of 4 ring colours in dark grey, light grey, sand and white.

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