Interhiva UK Creating Circle Of Excellence

Multi-tasking Karen McCleave has recently gained her licence to drive the company fork lift to ensure the Interhiva UK operation runs smoothly.


One of the most fired up water leisure teams gearing up for 2013, is the newly formed line up of Interhiva UK. Initially focusing on spas but also steadily building the swimming pool portfolio side of the business, the Interhiva UK team offers a wealth of industry knowledge and experience. “I am very positive about 2013 for Interhiva UK because we are going to help spa dealers and pool retailers make a real difference this year, says Karen McCleave, Interhiva UK’s branch manager. Karen’s main role is in the office with responsibility for customer services and team logistics but in a small team you have to multi-task. So Karen has recently qualified to drive the fork lift in the company warehouse – literally getting hands on to make sure the Interhiva UK operation runs smoothly. “We are spa specialists but we are much more than that,” says Karen.

“In 2013, we will be adding more exclusive products from the main Interhiva pool range, all tailored to best suit our growing customer base here in the UK,” she adds. Karen’s Interhiva UK colleagues include Chris Allcock who is responsible for hot tub product development and dealership support while, behind the scenes, Peter Allen keeps a firm hold on the company’s financial and developmental reins. The newest team recruit, Mick Savante, brings with him unrivalled, in-depth knowledge and experience, providing sales and technical support, a valuable asset for the company’s evolving pool division that will feature products such as saunas, pumps, filters and heat exchangers. But for now, the emphasis is on spas and securing dealerships. From Hampshire to Scotland, the Interhiva foundations are being firmly laid on the Maax Spas hot tub offering with about a dozen sites now displaying products from the Maax range. “Maax specialises in hydrotherapy with an ergonomically designed range that is all about the people who use them,” says Chris. The 14-strong Maax Spas range with a multitude of colour, skirt and cover options, is priced from £6k to £15k with the 881 and 781 top of the range hot tubs offering a sequencing massage system. The California Cooperage is a mid-priced eight-strong range priced from £3.5k up to £7k topped off by an impressive swim spa offering.


“We have retailers who are confident about networking and sharing ideas because they have protected sales areas,” says Chris. “Where we come in as suppliers, is investing time and attention to our customers both with outstanding product and support but also by sustaining credible and worthwhile training opportunities to help them grow their business,” says Chris who adds: “There is a family feel already to the Maax Spas UK dealership where we are quickly creating a circle of excellence.”

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