The new range of Aquark heat pumps, from Superior Wellness includes two heat pumps Mr Silence and AquaIntel. Both with a sleek and modern design, the units operate on Inverpad® technology created by Aquark Electric Limited with the mentality of changing 50 years of tradition in the pool heat pump industry of boring design and noisy operation.

It perfectly combines a unique Pad Appearance, Stepless DC Inverter and Noise Cancelling technology together. Thanks to the patented airstream design technology, the sound level of Mr Silence is as low as a fridge. At the beginning of the spa season, Mr Silence will run at full speed to heat up the spa rapidly.

Once the temperature is getting close to set point, Mr Silence automatically adjusts to a lower speed, offering a more efficient and quiet operation. The COP at low speed is up to 16. With an average COP of 9.3 AquaIntel runs at 50% capacity (average) to provide the best energy saving performance and the most silent pool environment.

With Stepless DC Inverter, the compressor speed can be adjusted hertz by hertz and fan motor speed can be adjusted round by round. It adapts intelligently to different heating demands. As an added bonus, you can control the heat pump anywhere and anytime with InverGo. Available on Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

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