LaMotte Launches Into Europe

LaMotte has established a new European office under the guidance of Tim Schofield, left, and business partner, Bruce Draper.

LaMotte Europe is the new European office for LaMotte USA, bringing LaMotte’s unrivalled range of water analysis equipment firmly into the European pool and spa market. The LaMotte Europe office aims to consolidate LaMotte’s growth in Europe over the past six years, through expanding dealer and distribution networks, as well as supporting the existing ones. The office and warehouse, based in Warwick in the UK, has the advantage of providing a European stock centre resulting in significantly shorter lead times for European customers, as well as local technical expertise and support. “The establishment of a European LaMotte office marks an exciting new era for the LaMotte brand,” predicts LaMotte Europe director, Tim Schofield. Schofield. “I am proud to represent the LaMotte product range and introduce it to a wider customer base throughout Europe.”

The LaMotte product range includes the market leading range of InstaTest strips, colorQ photometers, colour comparator kits and, new for 2013, the revolutionary WaterLink Spin. The Waterlink Spin is a professional water analysis laboratory that can achieve a full suite of water analysis in just 60 seconds. With just one sample of water the Waterlink Spin measures pH, total chlorine, free chlorine and 7 other parameters of water chemistry and generates a full recommendation based report. The Waterlink Spin is faster, simpler and more accurate than anything that has gone before in the pool and spa water testing market. The development of the Waterlink Spin serves to emphasise LaMotte’s commitment to the improvement of water analysis equipment through innovative design. The LaMotte Europe team recognise this piece of equipment as a ‘game-changer’ and are particularly proud of being able to bring the Waterlink Spin to the European pool and spa market.