Landmark Deal Sees Pollet Sign Bayrol Exclusive

The teams from Pollet Pool Group and Bayrol brand have signed at landmark distribution deal.

Pollet Pool Group has been confirmed as the exclusive UK and Eire distributors for the Bayrol brand of pool and spa water care products.

The landmark deal, signed at the recent Piscine pool show in Lyon, officially takes effect from the New Year and includes Bayrol’s automatic dosing equipment offering as well as its popular water treatment range.

The announcement underlines PPG’s stated strategy for growth, through similar distribution deals and acquisitions, as it continues to expand its UK operations and increase market share.

“In its search for a UK and Eire partner, Bayrol saw in PPG, a company that offers both solid foundations yet still retains the principle values of a family-owned company,” Carl Porter, who heads PPG’s pool and spa division, told Pool & Spa Scene exclusively at the contract signing in France last month.

“That includes a strong and consistent commitment to customer service, an area which is something Bayrol had been finding harder and harder to deliver, to its own exacting standards, given the way their organisation had changed in recent years,” he adds.


“This represents a huge step forward for both companies as PPG, with its financial and logistical strength, is the ideal partner to represent the superior Bayrol brand and integrate it into our business.

“It should also put us into a position where we can look for other opportunities to drive our business forward,” he emphasises.

PPG is part of the Pollet Water Group that has over 40 companies mainly in Europe. Flagship products for the PPG group in the UK include its top-selling Heatperfector heat pump and its SRBA pool coping ranges.

Adding the Bayrol brand to the company’s UK and Eire portfolio will significantly strengthen the Pollet standing while at the same time solve a on-going logistical issue for Bayrol that never returned to full strength following the loss of key personnel to competitor labels that followed a devastating factory fire in 2006.

The integration of operations will begin to take effect immediately and PPG with two remaining Bayrol employees in the UK, Peter Turnbull and Lesley Hipkiss, joining PPG.

The move coincides with a marketing makeover for the Bayrol brand which includes a facelift for its logo, new packaging and a major investment in modern marketing initiatives including exclusive photographic images.

“One of Bayrol’s new marketing messages talks about taking their immense experience into the future; a company for today, tomorrow and the day after, “ says Porter.

“I think this fresh approach and modernised branding is perfect timing as we move forward with a new broom for Bayrol,” he continues.

“For Pollet, the training and support and marketing we will receive, is an essential part of the whole package that involves working in partnership with a prestigious company like Bayrol,” he added.


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