THE NEW ONLINE NIVEKO catalogue brings many practical benefits to customers.

NIVEKO pools are distributed through partners who are based in the country where the pool is installed. This guarantees maximum support for the customers. In the UK, NIVEKO offers its pools through its reliable profi partner HTP Group.

Managing Director Lewis Salvidge is an experienced professional with technical knowledge that he passes on to every distributor within the HTP Group. This knowledge is a key element for HTP’s excellence work, as demonstrated by countless satisfied customers. Innovation has always been NIVEKO’s main strength.

The constant pursuit of product improvement and the creation of new, innovative products is daily work. Recently, NIVEKO has introduced two new innovations. An innovation that will change the way that NIVEKO presents its products and at the same time support the pursuit of sustainable development – the new online NIVEKO catalogue.

NIVEKO OFFERS its pools through its reliable profit partner HTP Group.

This new concept has many advantages, the main one being environmental protection, which has been a priority since the company’s inception. Online catalogue contribute to environmental sustainability by reducing the need for paper, minimising waste or reducing the carbon footprint. With just one scan of a QR code or one click on a link, you can save 2.5kg of wood and 85l of water.

The online catalogue brings many practical benefits to customers. With easy 24/7 accessibility, customers can browse the catalogue anytime, anywhere. It is very easy to browse and the search option makes it easy to navigate. Dazzling visuals and the option to view company videos allows you to explore the details of NIVEKO products. It can also be easily shared using a QR code or direct link.

In this way, NIVEKO shows that innovation can go hand in hand with caring for the company‘s planet and continuous improvement. Another innovation that allows customers to add personal value to their pool is the custom pool design. Customers can choose an inscription of their choice for the sign, whether it is a family name, family crest or a quote that has a deeper meaning. All on an elegant and durable sign that will become an integral part of pool. You can add a personal signature to your pool and make it special.

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