Made To Measure

Christina Connor reports on the growth of the bespoke automatic pool cover market…

Individuality is today’s watchword when it comes to automatic pool covers.

Gone are the days when home pool owners were impressed simply by the push-button action of the automatic cover.
Now they demand a bespoke product that is precisionengineered not only to automatically exit the pool water but to disappear into a wall or floor; completely invisible when the pool is in use.
Where a standard blue finish once would suffice; now discerning clients want to see an infinite colour palette that will precisely match the tones and finishes of the surrounding pool tiles and themes.
“The mass market for automatic covers has reduced significantly,” believes Alan Thorne of Ocea UK. “These days, automatic covers are more likely to be a unique creation,” he says.
“It is ideal for bespoke suppliers like Ocea because others cannot match the diversity of service from initial design, through to manufacture and installation.

“With six full time engineers based in the UK, we at Ocea are passionate about our role to work with pool builders who are looking for something special.”

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