MADE FROM RECYCLED PLASTICS, the Unibeo panel pool system is a more eco- efficient offering.

Environmentally-friendly swimming pool options…

Certikin continues to invest in its eco-efficient product offering with the unveiling, of its Unibeo panel pool system.
Made from recycled plastics, the Unibeo requires less concrete; making it a environmentally-friendly option.
The Unibeo partners comfortably with the Fastlane counter current unit and the Roldeck automatic cover. Openings for Certikin pool fittings, such as skimmers, inlets and PU2 lights, can be cut to the installer’s specification during manufacturing.
In effect, the pool builder receives everything in one hit resulting in quick and easy installation on-site before the pouring of the concrete.
Aiming to be the most versatile in panel pool offering this reinforced, concrete-filled, prefabricated panel liner system, for constructing inground, partially sunken and freestanding pools, is suitable for onsite lining or bag liner finishes.
PSS-Spr-pg23-pic3The Unibeo panels can be installed onto a pre-laid concrete slab, or the floor, walls and stairs can be poured at the same time to create a true monoblock structure. It offers a wide range of different stair options.
The liner hangs from the structure via an integrated liner-lock profile. For protection of the liner against the structure, the pool walls and floors are covered with foam and or felt.
Featuring a patented self- supporting formwork system, which allows basin heights of 1.2m, 1.35m and 1.5m to be achieved, and with pool sizing in 0.5m increments, there is no limit to the overall size of the finished pool. Dividing walls, to create cover pits, are available as are design options for vanishing edge pool structures.
Speed and ease of installation are the key factors as the earthworks are completed to the dimension of the pool size +0.5m all round. This saves time, preserves ground integrity and allows for quick installation of paving which rests on undisturbed ground, reducing the risk of sagging or cracking. Adjustable feet are provided with panels as required to allow for the levelling of the pool structure before concrete is poured.

BRITISH MANUFACTURED, Oc-1 filter media reduces running costs on residential and commercial pools.
BRITISH MANUFACTURED, Oc-1 filter media reduces running costs on residential and commercial pools.

Exclusive to Certikin, is the Aquaspeed pump which includes two variable speed models within the range. These feature a permanent magnet brushless motor that results in the ability to vary the motor speed depending on the installation. This in turn varies the water flow resulting in a reduction of energy consumption.
As well as a modern look, all of the new Aquaspeed pumps have an upgraded motor which is manufactured to provide an efficient and powerful pump. Despite this upgrade, there are no changes to the dimensions meaning it will still fit in perfectly to the original pump’s footprint and pipework connections. This makes the pumps ideal for retro fit as well as new installations.
Staying in the plant room, the iSAVER Inverter is a low-cost solution designed to greatly reduce the running costs of pool circulation pumps and improve the efficiency of swimming pool filtration.
Swimming pools pumps invariably run at higher flow rates than necessary, and the iSAVER Inverter enables you to control both pump flow rates, and pump run times.
Running costs can be reduced as much as 60% simply by linking your existing pool circulation pump to an inverter.
Certikin’s new Calorex I-PAC and V-PAC high quality inverter heat pump range are specifically designed for the UK climate. Such is the confidence in the new eco-friendly heat pumps, they come with a 5 year on-site, parts and labour warranty.
Replacing the Pro-Pac range, these heat pumps come as a side and top outlet. The I-PAC (‘X’) and V-PAC air temperature range from -5 deg C to 43 deg C and the I-PAC + (‘Y’) range down to -10 deg C. They feature an increased range of power ratings from 8-25 kW.

THE VARIABLE SPEED of the Aquaspeed helps reduce energy consumption.
THE VARIABLE SPEED of the Aquaspeed helps reduce energy consumption.

Inverter heat pump technology allows for efficient control of the pool temperature with the I-PAC/V-PAC only using the energy required. High efficiency with modulating step-less inverter compressor gives an average COP of 10.3 (I-PAC+), 9.7 (I-PAC) and 10.7 (V-PAC), which is twice as efficient as the older on/off models.
Complying with the new European F-Gas regulations, the heat pumps use the low Global Warming Potential (GWP) refrigerant R32. It requires less refrigerant volume per kW and is easier to recycle. The heat pumps are of a compact size with a small footprint and are compliant with permitted development rights. The I-PAC is made from aluminium alloy and the V-PAC from ABS.
The I-PAC side outlet models have Wi-Fi capability for remote control with the app available to download for both Android and iOS device and come with ‘boost’ mode for quick start-up and ‘whisper’ option for quiet day to day running.

For new filter installations, an OC-1 filter media is also another Certikin eco-friendly choice. This British manufactured media offers the benefit of replacing commonly used media, such as sand or glass, reducing running energy costs whilst still filtering to the equivalent standard as it can be used with a smaller pump, a variable speed pump or inverter.
Available exclusively in the UK from Certikin, a range of filters are available that come supplied complete with the lightweight OC-1 media. The filters are specially designed to work in perfect harmony with OC-1 and enhance the advantages OC-1 can provide. Unlike traditional methods that use entrapment, OC-1 Filtration Media works through settlement which means that the debris settles within the cells of OC-1 throughout the entire bed rather than being trapped on top of the media. As well as being popular across domestic installations, OC-1 Media also excels in the commercial sector. Potential savings in running costs come from the ability to reduce pump speeds and reduce backwashing.

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