Making The Zeoclere Difference

When Aspire Sports and Cultural Trust installed a new spa at the GL1 Leisure Centre in Gloucester, technical manager Steve Tonks wanted the best possible conditions for users, so he opted for Zeoclere media for the filtration rather than traditional sand. Steve had previously used Zeoclere back in 1997 on a school pool filtration system that dated back to the Sixties and was showing signs of age. Steve explains: “Due to the local leisure centre closing for refurbishment, the pool, the only one left in the city became vastly overused causing a major ongoing problem with high chloramine readings . This resulted in numerous complaints from users and pool staff. On recommendation, Steve switched the filter media to Zeoclere but kept the change hush-hush. “To get a fair evaluation of this product, I decided not to tell anyone that the media had been changed,” says Steve. “However an immediate response came from the swimming instructors and lifeguards, asking what I had done as they had noticed the atmosphere in the pool had improved overnight. “Our readings demonstrated a drop in combined chlorine and for the first time, I was able to achieve breakpoint chlorination. “That pool still has Zeoclere in its filters and although it no longer has such a heavy bather load, it continues to perform admirably.” Zeoclere is a superior class of mineral found in certain volcanic rocks. This extraordinary mineral provides the magic ingredient in a vast number of modern products and processes from washing powder to nappies and from nuclear reprocessing to sewerage treatment and increasingly, in swimming pools. • Reduces chemical use by up to 30% • Saves on water through reduced backwashing • Improves water quality • Improves the pool hall atmosphere Ideal for spas and heavily used hydrotherapy pools, Zeoclere 30 is also the preferred choice for water activities such as synchronised swimming and underwater lifesaving surveillance systems.

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