Making Waves In The Swimming Pool World

From architectural design, through the rigours of planning consent, to the creation of the pool, the building, the heating, the glazing, Origin Leisure take on the complete job.

Origin Leisure has been at the top of the swimming pool industry for thirty years. To celebrate this milestone the company hasrebranded its entire look, with a bright new logo, an all-new website, and redesigned vans.
But the ethic of the company remains unchanged. They are still
adopting their programme of constant improvement, and their
products are more adventurous, more imaginatively designed and more perfectly built than ever.
Reflecting on the early days, when the company started
out life as Leisureland, the directors searched the archives for
photographic evidence of the pool houses they were building
in the eighties. Simplicity seemed to be the keyword in those
distant days – when a simple pine building housed a small
heated swimming pool. In further research they found that the
majority of these buildings are still in daily use today, giving new
generations the pleasure of swimming at home throughout the
year. Many of these early masterpieces have been refurbished
by the Origin maintenance team, to bring the look and the pool
technology up to date.
To celebrate this burst of nostalgia, the directors also gathered a
collection of early advertisements and brochures, and featured
them in the Origin summer newsletter NewsWave. Also featured is
an article on Britain’s brightest swimming talent Francesca Halsall.
Origin is delighted to be one of Fran’s sponsors, especially as she
has just clocked a world-leading time in the 100 metres freestyle!
Generally the buildings have become bigger, better, far more
complex and far more stylish over the years. Lovely pool houses
that are designed to co-ordinate with their surroundings, to
actually improve the vista from the owner’s home, and match in
with the materials and fabrics of the existing building.
Constancy has been a key feature in Origin’s development.
The client always meets a representative at director level, and has
the opportunity to discuss ideas and requirements with someone
who has a total understanding of the swimming pool world. The
architects and designers are seasoned players in their fields, and
bring a wealth of experience to every aspect of this complex and
demanding business. Even the teams who build the final pool
houses are eminently professional, many having been involved
since the very early days of the company.

Origin Leisure is marking its 30 year milestone with a company makeover including a a bright new logo, an all-new website, and redesigned vans.

Within Origin’s range of expertise is a long standing
commitment to the supply of hydrotherapy pools. Realising the
benefits of swimming as a health giving pursuit as well as for
pure fun, the company has made sure it has become recognised
as the most important player in this exacting field.
It was accepted as a natural progression to build outdoor pools
too. The level of skill and the company’s unique understanding
of pool technology stood them in good stead to become one of
the country’s foremost outdoor pool providers. A pool house is
a beautiful and stylish addition to your family life, but for pure
aesthetics an outdoor pool twinkling welcomingly in an English
garden cannot be beaten!
A question that is asked again and again is “Do you do the
whole project yourself?” The answer is a resounding yes. From
the very first sketch, maybe produced while standing in the
client’s garden, to standing in that same garden admiring the
pure craftsmanship, no other company apart from Origin has
been involved. From architectural design, through the rigours of
planning consent, to the creation of the pool, the building, the
heating, the glazing, it is a complete job, monitored and run by a
team of committed experts.
Origin is Britain’s longest established pool company. And the new
look and logo underlines that fact. The strapline reads ‘The original
indoor & outdoor pool company.’ And that just about says it all.
Origin Leisure
Tel. +44 (0)1895 823366