Master Spas Makes The Difference

Master Spas dealers have been inspired by their ceo Bob Lauter to make a difference at Jamaica’s Naz Children Centre.

A month after visiting a children’s education centre in Jamaica back in 2010, Bob Lauter, the ceo of Master Spas, launched The Master Spas Naz Project, a fundraising effort in which dealers would make a donation with each swim spa it sold with the manufacturer matching the amount.

The group, along with key executives and board members, donated an initial $150,000 to cover construction costs. Master Spas could not accomplish the task without additional support.

Bob turned to local Jamaican businesses for assistance and with the help of an eager and connected parent of two Naz students, he kicked off a grassroots campaign on the island with multi-million results.

The new Naz Children Centre provides tailored learning programs for children in kindergarten through to the sixth grade in a safe, functional and well-planned space. Master Spas and its dealers continue to support the school and have given nearly $150,000 additional funds for special projects like a playground, front wall/gate and scholarships.

The playground recently was completed, and Bob along with several dealers travelled to Jamaica recently to celebrate the opening of the new resource.

“I didn’t understand how hard it would be, but the fact that we could soldier through it and get it done was remarkable,” commented Bob.

“The one thing I always said to my team and dealers is that we are better together and collectively, we can conquer anything.”

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