THE SCP UK TEAM celebrates 25 years since it joined the PoolCorp family of companies.

SCP UK paid tribute to its staff, its suppliers and its customers as they celebrated the company’s 25th anniversary of joining the global PoolCorp family. The UK team hosted a Gala Dinner as it recalled the downs and the ups of more than two decades since the acquisition of the former distributor, NorCal, giving SCP its first European foothold.

The monumental journey has seen SCP grow to its current market-leading status with 16 European strongholds, in eight European countries, nearly 400 branches and some 5,000 employees. “Seeing everyone linking back together and sharing memories of old times has made this a very special occasion,” shared SCP UK Managing Director Dash Ganeson.

“We have the best team and claim to have the best products but without the customer loyalty we have had, those customers that stuck with us from the start, we could never have achieved the results we are seeing today. “We hope our continued investment in the company and most of all our people has enable us to now give the service our customers want and deserve,” he added.

Dash said that, on average, SCP UK employees have worked on average 14 to 15 years for the company – a testimony to the family culture the company strives for. This was underlined with a special presentation to SCP team member, Anna Pumfrey for 30 years and Angie Woodham for 20 years company service.

“It is not all about profits,” said Dash, who joined the company as an accountant. “It is about investment in our people; mentoring and nurturing them,” he continued. “My greatest pleasure is to see people come out of their comfort zones and reach a potential even they had not imagined was possible.

It feels like being part of a family for everyone who has caught the SCP bug.” On behalf of the SCP UK team, Dash paid tribute to the founders of NorCal, the Trusson family, David Mathers and former SCP Europe head, Sylvia Montfort, who he said waved a magic wand for employees and the business.

Luther Williems flew in from New Orleans to join the celebrations and on behalf of Pool Corp thanked Dash and the SCP team for being great hosts and a good partner. SCP Europe’s Jean Louis Albouy added his congratulations to the UK team. One of the early pioneers, Alan Joseph, returned from retirement to remind the gathered party-goers: “It was half a century ago that Robert Trusson started to build a company called NorCal.

“We did not have customers, because they soon became friends, and that relationship has continued through the years,” said Alan who added: “We have come together to look back on a remarkable 25 years, at the same time wishing the company continued success for the next 25 years and beyond.”