Msi Extends Its Global sales Team

Mineral Supplies International has appointed Victoria Plompen- Philip as director of European sales with responsibility for Belgium, Holland and Germany.UK-based Mineral Supplies International (MSi)has confirmed the appointment of Victoria Plompen-Philip as director of European sales with responsibility for Belgium, Holland and Germany. Involved in the European pool industry for 12 years, Victoria has witnessed the growth of MSi brands such as Zeoclere30, Jolly Gel, Clear ‘n Clean in addition to a range of own-label products. “The beauty of products such as Jolly Gel and Zeoclere is that they offer high performing, no problem products so once the customer has bought, they are highly likely to come back for more,” comments Victoria. “I will be visiting the distributors and attending the swimming pool and water treatment exhibitions to raise product awareness and get them to take on the MSi portfolio of products as well as looking at own-brand packing opportunities for our distributors.” She adds: “I will be working to build the brand image in these countries and create product awareness like MSi has previously done in the UK. In the future I will be looking to expand into other territories.”

Victoria will be working closely with Amanda Slade, MSi’s head of logistics, who takes responsibility for coordinating MSi’s global freight shipments as well as playing a key role in stimulating greater overseas sales activity. Amanda comments: “I am  particularly pleased to have the opportunity to work with Victoria because I am quite sure, with Victoria’s vibrant personality and energy, we will soon see more  greater in-depth global coverage.” Bob Kent, managing director of MSi, said Victoria’s appointment is another strategic step in MSi’s commitment to building export. He comments: “Victoria is a valuable addition to the MSi team of like minded, intelligent people who will work in partnership with our worldwide distributors for the mutual benefit of them, the seller, their customers, and yes the all-important end user… the swimmer. “MSi, like all exporters, need to appreciate more and more that the world is just one market,” he says. “Therefore we to have to continue building a team of intelligent, like- minded people ensuring the company’s staff and aspirations are achieved,” he adds.

Bob said the MSi brands continue to enjoy global coverage through strategic partnerships. He says: “We have partnered over the years with excellent suppliers and a customer base that appreciated the products we sell are designed and manufacture for the job intended not just to a price. He explains: “Zeoclere30 users, for instance, have seen, even in this difficult trading period, the benefits this product offers them. “Zeoclere base mineral is now own-labelled for 17 companies globally. This is just one of the areas where we are focusing our time and efforts which is paying off.”

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