SPLASH LANDINGS RESORT is one of the first locations to snap up the new cordless Inver X Warrior pool cleaner, available now through Ocea UK.

New to the market, in time for the 2023 peak season, the Inver X Warrior is a cordless robotic cleaner, from Ocea UK, only available through an approved network of trade re-sellers, so sales will be protected from Internet price-cutting wars. Now available from stock, the Inver X Warrior outperforms in all environments in both residential and commercial pool environments.

It climbs walls, scrubs the water line and comes packed with advanced AI technology including APP control. “We knew we had a special product on our hands but the response to the Inver X Warrior has been phenomenal,” says Ocea UK’s Alan Thorne. “The biggest selling point is that this is has eliminated the need for cords as it is completely rechargeable,”

He continues. “To say the least, we are more than a bit excited about the potential for this revolutionary product that is not just outclassing its rivals on performance – but even more so on value.” Playing to its strengths now, as part of the formidable CF group, Ocea UK has taken on the exclusive UK distribution of the Inver X Warrior cordless pool robot. The product itself has been under development for four years. Ocea UK has spent the past six months carrying out vigorous final field tests including glowing reviews from the Alton Towers Splash Landings resort.

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