New Investment Makes Bosta Stronger

Bosta UK has grown by 9 per cent following the introduction of a single warehouse by parent company MegaGroup which holds 20,000 stock items.

Bosta UK have confirmed that they are now stronger, fitter and better to serve their customers following the announcement of new investment in MegaGroup.

The introduction over the last 18 months of Bosta’s European distribution centre culminated in the need for the company’s parent MegaGroup to be refinanced in February. During this time, Bosta UK was able to grow by 9 per cent and strengthen its market position.

“Despite the additional challenges of implementing the Mega Groups centralised distribution system, Bosta UK achieved significant growth last year. With this now complete we are confident in helping our customers grow to new heights this year,” says commercial director Conrad Bos.

He adds: “The completion of the web shop with real time stock information and same day dispatch from the European distribution centre, together with the new financing from Nimbus, puts Bosta in the position to significantly grow its UK market share in pools, agriculture and industrial pipeline components.”