New Name, Same Quality

SUEZTriogen, a market leader in the design and manufacture of ozone and UV systems, has now been unified under the single brand Suez.

The global company Suez has developed no fewer than 40 different brands including DegrĆ©mont, Triogen, Ozonia. All the groupā€™s trademarks are being consolidated in a single brand, Suez, targeted at the sustainable management of resources.

The new Suez name and logo will also be delivered on all equipment, documentation and literature. However, the TriogenĀ® name has been incorporated into the product names and designations as the re-branding is rolled out, so that the recognition of the equipment and heritage is retained. These include TriogenĀ® O3 for ozone systems, TriogenĀ® UV for ultra violet systems and TriogenĀ® AOP for advanced oxidation process systems.